Important Things To Consider Before Hiring A Local Moving Company

Important Things To Consider Before Hiring A Local Moving Company

Regardless of the distance you’re moving, your prized belongings should never be taken for granted in the hands of any local moving company.

It’s true that hiring the right local moving company can make moving from your home pretty easy.

But one wrong decision can ruin what seems like a perfect move.

So if you intend to have a short distance move, how exactly can you find and hire the right local moving company?

You should start by asking the right questions before putting your John Hancock on any deal.

Questions to ask before hiring a local moving company


More than half of all states require local moving companies to be registered with a USDOT Number so they can be federally regulated. While all other requirements might be different, most states mandate all local movers to be registered with the state’s department of transportation.

Ask the local moving companies you’ve shortlisted if they have the state required licenses to operate. That would be your first defense against hiring a rogue mover.

local moving company
A full-service local moving company can handle everything from packing your fragile wine glasses to transporting your shipment to your new home while you sit back and relax.

Type of services

Some local moving companies only specialize in specific moving services.

While some are full service movers, others only specialize in moving labor services or moving special items over a short distance or provide packing/unpacking services.

Before you contact any local moving company, make up your mind on the specific type of moving services you need. That way, it’ll be easier to find the right local moving company that can match your needs.


Most moving  companies would be glad to give you positive feedback about their services.

But you can find more by reading reviews on the internet. One easy place to start is MyMovingScam.Com.

You can search for the names of the moving companies on your shortlist. Chances are, you’ll get one or two feedback that are different from what the movers provided.


The standard liability coverage moving companies are legally mandated to provide is known as Replacement Value Protection.

Based on this coverage, the local moving company you hire is only required to reimburse you for damaged or lost items at a rate of $0.60 per pound per article.

So, inquire about additional moving insurance options, the extent of the coverage and any other added costs. Interestingly, some local moving companies also offer Full Value Protection for an extra fee. This can cover the full costs of replacing or fixing a missing or broken item.


Some local moving companies only charge a flat rate per hour based on the number of moving crew it’ll take to keep your moving on track.

The bigger your home, the more crew it’ll take to complete your move. Also, the amount of time it will take to complete your move would depend on the size of your household items and the distance you’re moving to.

When you get an estimate from a local moving company, ask how you will be charged and the possibility of an extra fee. These extra fees may include:

  • Handling special items
  • lowering or hoisting
  • Furniture disassemble and reassembly
  • Long carries
  • Packing services and/or materials
  • Packing materials
  • Packing services

Moving estimates

accountant-1238598_640The type of moving estimate the local moving company you’ve hired provide can determine your final moving cost. Generally, all moving companies provide three different types of moving estimates.

These estimates include biding, non-binding and binding-not-to-exceed.

What’s special about each estimate? The cost indicated in a binding estimate cannot be changed even if your moving takes a longer time to complete than anticipated.

A non-binding estimate can be changed to indicate a higher or lower costs depending on the workload involved and the amount of time it took to complete your move.

A binding-not-to-exceed estimate cannot be increased but can be lowered if takes a lesser time to complete your move than expected.

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 Claim process

What’s the local mover’s standard procedure for filing claims for damaged or lost items? Some companies have an online form you should complete and submit if anything goes wrong during your  move.

But that’s not the only claim filing option. You can send your claim via a certified mail and must do so within nine months from the date your items were delivered.

A local move can be one of the easiest move you’ll ever make. But just like every other home relocation, it requires thoughtful planning and carefully picking the right local moving company.