How To Plan A Garage Sale That Sells In Any Neighborhood

How To Plan A Garage Sale That Sells In Any Neighborhood

Having a yard sale is one of the easiest ways of selling household items, especially when you have many things to sell and you want to put them all on display at once.

A successful yard sale requires some efforts but you’ll make more cash in the end.

But having a successful yard sale requires some efforts. In fact, the entire sale can be irritating if you don’t know how to go about it.

To make your yard sale easier, you need to have a plan and stick to it from start to finish.

Should you have a well thought-out plan for your yard sale, odds are you’ll have a successful one.

This means more cash at the end of the sale and less clutter in your home.

Useful Tips for Planning a Successful Garage Sale

1. What do you want to sell?

Photo by bobnrenee @ Flickr / CC BY
Your items should be neatly arranged. Photo by bobnrenee @ Flickr / CC BY

Before you can have a yard sale, you’ll have to make up your mind about what you really want to sell. It is easy to assume that you already know what you want to sell. But its not always as easy as it sounds.

Having a yard sale is an opportunity to De-clutter and downsize your home. Get a box and walk through every room. Pick any unwanted item or things you haven’t used in months and wouldn’t be using anytime soon and toss it in.

Search your attics, closets, basements and garage, you may find things that would be worth some really good cash.

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the value of the old items you find. Some of the items you probably thought are worthless may be what someone is really looking for in a yard sale. Let the buyers decide what to buy, just make them all available.

2. When are you having the garage sale?

Photo by egoant @ Flickr / CC BY
Your garage sale sign should say it all! Photo by egoant @ Flickr / CC BY

You’ll have to make up your mind about the dates and times for your yard sale.

Many people often prefer Fridays and Saturdays morning. But you should consider Thursdays or Sundays if your schedule follows a multi-day sale.

You’ll attract more people if you start early. Interested buyers wouldn’t have to disrupt their schedule for the day just to be at your yard sale.

Also, the weather is more likely to be friendlier if you’re having your sale in the summer.

3. Would your sale require a permit?

It is now mandatory in many cities that you have a permit before holding a garage sale. Make sure you verify this from a clerk at your city or town hall. Should you need a permit, find out how to get one.

Some cities and towns allow you to apply for permits online. Check with your city or town’s website to find out. Don’t make any attempt to hold a garage sale without the necessary permit or you may get fined or your sale would be probably shut down.

4. How would people know about your sale?

Advertising is one of the easiest ways of telling many people about your garage sale. Consider paying for an ad in your local newspaper since every home gets a free copy. Before you create your ad, make sure you find out the cost of the space you’re willing to pay for. Or you may end up paying per word which is often very expensive.

Keep your ad short and relevant. Avoid using unnecessary descriptions and list your most valuable items first. Some of the most popular garage sale items often include collectibles, furniture, and kid’s toys. Make sure you include your address and the dates and times the garage sale will hold.

5. Take advantage of the internet

yard sale 6
Take advantage of free classified ads sites on the internet and smartphone apps to advertise your garage sale.

There are many websites where you can advertise your garage sale without paying a cent. Post your ad on as many as you can. Make sure you post at least one ad on each of these sites Garage Sale Source, Craigslist, Yard Hopper, Yard Sale Search and Garage Sale Hunter.

Online ads often give you the chance to use words freely, you can write a full description of your items.

Most importantly, write about what you have to sell and when it will go on sale. Don’t post your ads too early or too late. If you intend to run your garage sale on Saturday, it should go up on Thursday night or Friday afternoon. Should you have a smart device or a smartphone, you can take advantage of some top yard sale mobile apps for a successful sale.

6. Use Yard sale signs         

Photo by bobnrenee @ Flickr / CC BY
Don’t use your kid as a garage sale sign. Use a sign post. Photo by bobnrenee @ Flickr / CC BY

Some cities and towns have banned the use of garage sale signs.

Check the laws in your area to find out if you can use yard sale signs, a clerk at your local police station should have all the information you need.

If the law allows the use of yard sale signs, brightly colored poster board and a Sharpie are very effective.

Make sure your sign indicates “Garage Sale” or “Yard Sale” bold enough for people to see as they walk or drive by.

Also, include an arrow pointing towards your house or your address. Consider using wood paint stirrers for sticking yard sale signs in the ground. Many home improvement stores give out the stirrers for free.

Try these tips next time you’re having a yard sale or just need to sell some stuff.

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