Home Decor Tips For Decorating Your Apartment On A Budget

Home Decor Tips For Decorating Your Apartment On A Budget

A carefully selected color combination, an outstanding focal point, scenic lighting and stylishly arranged furniture are some of the simple home decor that can make your new apartment a beautiful and stylish home.

A lovely home decor is one of the few things that can make your new home heartwarming, pleasant and cozy. Sure, almost everyone has a distinct preference for home decor. So you can easily imagine exactly how stylish you want your new apartment to look like.

Despite your personal brilliant taste, I have some great tips you can use. Whether you’re planning to give your present apartment a face lift or you just moved into a new home and you want a beautiful home decor, I bet these tips wont let you down.

Brilliant Home Decor Tips

Create a List

Having a list will make your shopping easier. You wouldn’t be carried away by all the colors screaming at you at the design shop.

First, you have to start by making up your mind on what exactly you intend to achieve with your home decor. Then you have to make a list of decorations you’ll like to see in each room. Consider indicating the amount you intend to spend on each room and if possible on each decor item. Your list can help you stick to your budget when you go shopping.

If you have specific home décor items on your list, you can consider calling stores ahead to find out if they carry such items or not. Such calls may save you some time and money if the stores carry such items, you don’t have to make the unnecessary trip to the store.

 Select a Theme     

It’s important to have a crystal clear mental or physical picture of how you want your apartment to look like after it’s decorated. A theme may have a specific color or design that can make your apartment distinct, though some may look similar, a theme should be unique.

When you’re picking a theme, consider a theme with a broad and flexible concept so you can adjust reasonably when you source for the theme items. If you have a specific item in mind to be the focal point of any room or the entire apartment, you can start by building your theme around such item.

home decor 4
You can have it simple and yet very stylish. Don’t make a clutter out of your home decor.

Most themes are designed with a specific color, if you intend to use such themes, ensure you can find items that matches that color. You may be flexible with your colors and pick a combination of two or more colors. I love playing with colors. If possible, play around with some colors before selecting the best for your theme.

Consider Painting    

Some apartment buildings do not permit painting. But some landlords may allow it if you agree to repaint it before you move out. Before you start painting at all, find out if you’re permitted to do so. If you’re allowed to paint, it’s an easy way to create a unique color for your new apartment and make it appealing.

If you intend to paint, you can cut cost if you don’t get a custom paint mixed for you at any local hardware store. Consider a marked down paint including paints that were mixed for previous customers. Some customers may decide not to go with a color anymore after it is mixed, or the hardware store couldn’t produce the desired color. Ask for such paints and check them if the color suits what you want. If you find one, chances are the costs will be far cheaper than having a paint mixed for you.

Doing Your Home Décor Yourself

home decor 5
You can pick two simple colors and create a beautiful theme. You don’t need to mix all colors to make a brilliant impression.

You can do your home decor all by yourself if you’re creative to some extent. Even if you’re not so creatively inclined, you can make a party out of it. Invite your friends to come over with smocks, canvases, and paintbrushes and let the artistic party begin!

You may not be as artistic as Leonardo Da Vinci. But you can scribble a few geometric or plain shapes for a more contemporary appearance to beautify your newly painted walls.

If you’re versatile or know someone who is, you can experiment with different designs in each room and still have a well painted and decorated apartment. But if you don’t trust your friends with your painting, put a “Wet Paint” sign on your door and do your painting yourself.

Home Décor Money Saving Tips

Consider buying some of the items you need from vintage shops, flea market, yard sales, thrift and dollar store or discount stores.

For instance, if you intend to buy a full bed set, compare the cost of a new one and the ones you can find on at a yardsale. Several vintage and discount home goods stores have different blankets, throw pillows and duvet covers. Try to be flexible; don’t be overly bothered about every color matching.  You can pick items with similar style to make your rooms more appealing.

home decor 2
Try to be flexible, don’t be overly bothered about matching every color.

If you own some items that you intend to dump or give out, think again before doing so. Some of such items may be useful as you create a new décor for your apartment.

Also, rather than painting an entire room, rejuvenate your old shelving by sticking some beautiful and carefully selected contact paper or wallpaper to the back and sides.

Instead of buying a mass-produced wall art, you can print out some of your personal photos to give your room a customized look. You can make a collage before hanging them or hang them individually.

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