8 Things to Do Before Moving In Your New Home

8 Things to Do Before Moving In Your New Home


You finally got that new house you always wanted. One that you can call a home. I’m sure you’re excited and can’t wait to move in and are itching to pack your items and hire a moving company to get you into your new home sooner than later.

But in all the excitement, don’t forget to make sure your new home is ready to be moved in. There are a lot of things you can to give your house a fresh start before you move all the furniture and other stuff in. This’ll not only make sure the house is in perfect condition, but also make it much easier and safe for you to settle in. Check out the list of things we’ve compiled below.

Some of these things will sound a little funny, but, you’ll be glad you went thru them.

Things to do before you moving in new home

1. Get A New Toilet Seat

It sounds funny to many people, but, do you want your family and friends to share the same toilet seat with the previous home owners or tenants? You may consider washing the toilet seat, but getting a brand new might be a better way to go, depending upon the condition.


Before you move into your new house, move around all the bathrooms, and see for yourself. Count the number of toilets and buy new toilet seats accordingly. Start life in your new home with healthy living.

2. Replace all the Locks

Chances are high that you don’t know the previous home owners or tenants and even if you do, you don’t know how many people they share their keys with. You don’t have to take chances. Buy new locks to all the entrances to the house, and all other rooms.

key-2114455_640-min Make sure you change all the locks before moving in.
Make sure you change all the locks before moving in.

It’s worth every cent you spend. Also, it could save you from huge loss that you could have prevented.

3. Schedule the Exterminator

Rodents and bugs are always close to humans. You probably don’t know the lifestyle of your previous neighbors or homeowners. Safety first is important. Invite the exterminator, get the house sprayed, check for bugs, and plug all rodents’ holes. Before you leave, open the windows and let in fresh air, then lock it all up. You can’t be too careful.

4. Do Thorough Cleaning

Your new home has probably been cleaned several times. But do your own cleaning. Clean the house exactly the way you want and clean it to your personal taste and preference. You can also hire professional cleaners and maids to come in and do it for you so you can move into a super clean house.

Moving into a new home.
Thoroughly clean your new home before moving in

5. Disinfect the Fridge

Unless you’re getting a new fridge, you might want to see if the old one needs to be cleaned.

Even if it has been cleaned several times before, if you’re going to put edible things into that fridge, then it’s better to give it a good clean. After washing, disinfect the fridge, and let it sit for a while before the final clean up, and then it’s all yours. Don’t gamble with your health.


6. Clean Your Appliances

Unless the house you are moving into is brand new or built recently, chances are that the appliances have been used quite a bit. Things like microwave, oven and cooking range are some of the most used items in a house. Be sure to clean them up really well before you start using them.

7. Use Your Outlets Wisely

Use all your outlets to your advantage. As soon as you move in your furniture, it may be difficult to use your multi-plug plug. Carefully arrange your furniture and electronics in a way that utilizes your outlets in the best way.

8. Plan Your Interior Design:

Before the movers arrive and start unloading the truck, plan how you want your stuff to be arranged. Where would you want the TV set to be? How would you want your furniture to be arranged?

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Create a flexible blueprint of your interior design.

What side of the room would you prefer your bed to be in? Make sure you have all your plans in place before the movers move in your stuff. This way after the movers leave and you’re ready to decorate everything will be in the right place so you don’t have to do too much moving and lifting.

Check out some of our home decorating tips for ideas on how to decorate your new home easily.

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