Expert Room Decoration Tips for Your New Home

Expert Room Decoration Tips for Your New Home

What’s the best way to make your new home glitter with decor?

After moving into a new home, there is always the urge to make your new room look better than it was in the previous home. The earlier you decorate your room to your preference, the easier you’ll settle in and feel at home in the new house.

Whether you choose to be creative about how you design your room or you need relevant tips on how to decorate your new home on a budget, The following room decoration tips will give you the right ideas about how to make your efforts appear elegant and hospitable:


Don’t Pick Your Paint Color Before Moving In

While you are working on cleaning your  new home and making it livable, there is always the temptation to paint your new home and arrive to newly painted rooms when you move in.

It’s easy to opt for the same color in your previous home because it looks great or try a different color entirely.

Before you decide to paint, remember there are thousands of paint colors with various shades, tones, and tints.

Each color appear different from home to home because light sources are different indicating that what appears great in your old home may appear dull in your new home.

When you pick your color, pick colors that complement your rug, artwork, upholstery or a theme and whatever else. The best way to pick the appropriate color is when your belongings are actually inside your home.

It will be easier for you to find the right color to make your room look absolutely stunning.

Don’t Overcrowd Your Room

Having space to maneuver easily will make your home design well appreciated. Avoid filling almost every space with lots of furniture. Use more of your budget on fewer but higher quality pieces and your room will look better compared to been filled with flea market stuffs.

Hang Artwork Appropriately

All your artworks should be hanged at the appropriate heights. Museums and galleries hang their artworks so that the center (midline) of each piece is 57 inches to 60 inches from the floor. The reason is simple; the average human eye level is 57 inches. Hang all your artworks within 57-60 inches.

Resist the Impulse to Stick To a Specific Theme

Create some level of flexibility in your room design. Been too specific on a particular theme can make the room clumsy as you try to fill it with objects of similar color to match the theme.

While you may follow a particular theme design, make it flexible to make your room slightly distinct to the original theme.

Create and Use a Focal Point

The average human eye level is 57 inches. Hang all artworks in your room within 57-60 inches.

In almost every fabulous design an item often stands out as the focal point while other items are used as supports to complement the focal point.

Create and use a unique focal point and let all your other designs stay in the background. Your focal point should be an item that easily draws attention.

It could be an artwork, a fire place or any other outstanding items. If you try to use every item as a focal point, you can end up creating a visual noise.

Use Different Focal Points in All Rooms

Each room should have a distinct focal point, to make it stand out from the rest.

This will create a unique feeling of been attracted to each room. Ensure all your focal points are directly across the entrance to each room. It will create a distinct unique theme for the rooms.

Vary the Scale of Decoration Items You Purchase

An item that looks fabulous in the store might look like a Bull in a China store in your room. As such, vary the scale of decoration items you purchase.

That way you can try each item in different rooms and place it in the room its best suited for.

Create Uneven Layers of Lighting

Layers of lighting can add intrigue, variety and areas of interest for your room décor. Vary the lighting of core items in the room. You can pick a bright light for your focal point and dim the lights of secondary focal points. All other background supporting items may have different color shades.