Are Moving Companies Worth the Cost?

Are Moving Companies Worth the Cost?

Moving companies aren’t necessarily cheap, but neither is the DIY approach. Unless you’re just packing a suitcase and relocating across town, it’s always an expensive endeavor.

So if you’re going to spend your hard-earned cash no matter how you approach it, why are movers so popular? Probably the biggest factor is convenience. They come to you, and they do all of the hard work. In some cases, you don’t have to lift a finger (with the exception of handing over payment).

The decision to go pro or go it alone comes with several considerations. Here’s a comparison to help you decide which is the right way for you.

#1: Professional Movers Have Packing Down to a Science

Have you ever loaded a moving truck with furniture? There are lots of ways to get it wrong. That can cause minor and major damage, and sometimes total loss of certain items. Movers have the right packing materials and padding, and they are seasoned pros at securing valuables in the right spot on a truck. Specialty movers even offer premium à la carte services such as custom-built crates. Remember that even slight movement spread out across miles can equal broken glass and scratches wood finishes.

Moving companies
Everything feels heavier as moving day wears on.

#2: Moving Companies Do the Heavy Lifting

Too many people have started off a move in fine shape and ended it with a heating pad. That can cost you in time off work and even doctor visits. Most homes have numerous heavy furnishings, such as sofas, cabinets and beds. Movers do all of the heavy lifting and they know how to do it the right way. The expense is a worthy trade for preserving your back muscles.

#3: Going Pro Helps Save on Other Expenses

If you have children, pets or both, DIY means you’ll need an extra set of eyes and ears while packing up and loading the moving truck. Unless you know someone who will take over for free, daycare and babysitters can whittle away at any cost benefit of moving yourself. So if the money breaks even or nearly so, the additional work of moving yourself can tip the scales in the direction of a professional move. Visit and we can help you find an affordable company.

#4: Replacing Valuables Might Not be in Your Budget

Most folks don’t have a Picasso hanging in the foyer, but it’s still expensive to replace damaged items. If a pro damages something, you’ll get reimbursement from their insurance. If the damage happens on your watch, you’ll have to eat the cost. On the other hand, that if the most valuable things you own is something that you can easily handle, such as your jewelry, you could save some cash and assume low risk by moving yourself.

Professional movers really are a great choice for many situations. But there are times when a DIY move makes the most sense of all. If you fall into one or more of these categories, you can likely move yourself without a lot of worries:

    • Your budget is wafer-thin. DIY lets you cut corners if you have to.
    • It’s a very short move. There might be no reason to hire movers to take your possessions three blocks away.
    • You’ve got friends who want to help. Everyone seems to do a vanishing act on moving day, but some folks are lucky to have friends who are ready to pitch in.
    • Your household belongings can fit in just a few boxes. Local movers usually charge by the hour, but it can still sometimes be cheaper to make a few trips yourself.

Packing up and moving to a new home is never really cheap. Even the cost of gas for your own vehicle can add up if you have to make a few trips. And if you’re going across the country, fuel plus the stress of towing your car behind a self-move truck can really wear on your nerves. Professional movers step in to handle all of the difficult tasks, and you’re given the cost up front.

There are certainly times when handling the job yourself makes the most sense. Just remember that neither option is cheap, and sometimes getting a helping hand is worth its weight in gold.

If relocating is in your future, get a free moving quote from Mover Junction. We’ll help you find the right company at the right price.