Why MoverJunction.Com?

Why MoverJunction.Com?

With so many moving companies all across the United States, why should you consider doing business with MoverJunction.com?

MoverJunction.com is a licensed and BBB rated moving company, which means we are legally recognized as a professional moving company in the United States. We have moved hundreds of families, businesses and automobiles across the United States.

Here are the numerous benefits of doing business with us:

We Offer 100% Free Moving Quotes

We offer all our potential customers 100% free moving quotes within 60 seconds just by filling one form. With that, you can compare different quotes from up to 6 licensed moving companies anywhere across the United States.

We Have The Largest Network Of Moving Companies in the US

MoverJunction.com has the largest network of professional moving companies and options under one roof. Our network cuts across hundreds of moving companies scattered all over the different states in the United States. Our moving services include local move, long distance move, specialty items moving, auto shipping and self-storage.

We Only Recommend Licensed and BBB Rated Moving Companies

All the moving companies in our network are licensed and BBB rated. Also, all the free moving quotes we are offering our customers are directly from licensed and BBB rated moving companies only. By doing business with us, you wouldn’t have to bother about falling into the trap of scammers any time you are hiring a moving company.

We Offer 100% Free Self-storage Quotes

We offer all our potential customers 100% free self-storage quotes anywhere in the United States. You can get as many as 6 free self-storage quotes within 60 seconds by filling just one form.

We Offer 100% Free Auto Shipping Quotes

At MoverJunction.com we offer all our potential customers 100% free auto shipping quotes. You can get up to 6 different free auto shipping quotes within 60 seconds by filling just one form.

Available 24/7

You can obtain any of our free moving quotes any day, anytime and anywhere. Simply visit our website, fill the form and you can get any moving quote you want within 60 seconds. Also, you can contact us on phone via 888-901-4841. We are always delighted to help with any moving questions. Our team of moving experts will gladly attend to your needs.

Expertise and experience

At MoverJunction.com we combine professionalism with experience to deliver consistent value that guarantees customer satisfaction at all facets of moving. We have successfully moved hundreds of families across the United States and their proclaimed level of satisfaction is inspiring us to move more and more every day.

MoverJunction.com, a finalist at the Loudoun Chamber of Commerce Awards 2015.

MoverJunction.com is an Award-Winning Moving Company

You will enjoy doing business with us because we adhere to the laws, rules and regulations guiding the United States moving industry. That was why we were among the finalist of  the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce “Technology Business of the Year.”