Tips to Protect Your Walls, Floors & Carpet On Moving Day

Tips to Protect Your Walls, Floors & Carpet On Moving Day

On the day of the move, there would be a lot of traffic going in and out of the house and your home may have to bear the brunt. You need to work with your moving carrier to ensure that that nothing is damaged when fragile items are moved. If the moving carrier is a competent one, they would follow all the best practices to rule out mishaps. However, on your part, you can follow certain tips to ensure a hassle free move.

Cover carpets with plastic films

Use self-adhesive plastic films with a tear-free and non-slip surface to cover your carpets. By buying a well-known brand, you would not have to worry about adhesive residue on your carpets, once the covers are removed. You can also use a paint roller to lay them out. If plastic films are a “no-no” for you, you can use bed sheets, blankets, drop clothes, towels, and even old rolls of paper to cover your carpets. You can tape down these materials to prevent anyone from accidentally tripping over.

Use a protective covering on floors

Use different kinds of protective covers over the floors to prevent them from getting scratched or dented. Besides rubber sheets, you can also use plastic films to cover the floors. Assess the type of floor and opt for a suitable product. These days, you can easily find protective floor covers in wide array of size and quality options.

Use drop cloths to cover walls

The walls always have a high probability of getting damaged on the day of the move, and therefore, you need to take special care to ensure that this does not happen in your case. Identify the walls of heavily trafficked areas and cover them with drop cloths, so as to prevent inadvertent scratches as your belongings are moved around the house.

Be extra careful when moving sharp objects

You can use moving pads or blankets to cover sharp objects, if they are small in size. Use corner guards to protect the corners of your walls when large objects with sharp edge are to be moved. Moreover, if you have kids or pets are home, make sure they are not around when such objects are moved.

Follow the aforementioned tips to ensure safe a safe and hassle free move.