Clean Your New Home and Make It Livable

Clean Your New Home and Make It Livable

After you have moved in to your new house and are done with the initial unpacking, you would need to start on the process of cleaning your new home. This can be quite tedious, where you unpack each and every box and properly place the contents of the same in their assigned spaces. You might even want to arrange all your furniture to make your house look presentable. This is a continual process, and you might have to move things around more than once to get that organized and set up look.

So, what can you do to get that fresh home feeling, just after you have moved in?

Clean before you start unpacking

Go through your new home and clean everything, before you start unpacking all your boxes and placing your belongings. Make sure that all corners of your living areas and bedrooms are properly vacuumed, dusted, and mopped. Once the place is clean, you would feel better about your new home and enjoy going through the various boxes and arranging the contents of each in different parts of your home.

To get that new home feel, you would have to be proactive and work with your moving carrier to make sure that every inch of your house is clean before placing the heavy furniture and couches in their assigned places. This way, you would not have to worry about getting to the hard to reach spots on the floor later on.

Get everything you might need for an effective cleaning

Procure the right cleaners, dusters, mops, rags, and brooms that you would need to clean your home. Start from the top and work your way down in every room to rule out missing anything.

Get rid of surface dirt

Dust, vacuum, and sweep to get rid of all the surface dirt and dust that tend to accumulate on the floors, table tops, and other surfaces. Once the dry cleaning is out of the way, you can follow up with a wet cleaning process, such as wiping, mopping, or using surface cleaners. Make sure that you leave the floors and other surfaces to dry completely to get that clean, spruced up look.

Once you are through with the steps outlined above, your home would have a new home feel. This is the ideal time when you can start unpacking the rest of your possessions and fine tune the arrangement of furniture pieces and artwork. Make sure that every inch of your house is completely clean to enjoy the process of settling down at a new place.