What You Ought To Know About Storage Space Sizes Before Renting

What You Ought To Know About Storage Space Sizes Before Renting

How would you know the exact storage space you need to store your items?

Picking the right storage space for whatever you intend to store is always tricky. I actually paid for the wrong storage space the first time I rented a self storage unit.

And I’ve seen too many people pay for storage spaces they’ll never need or use and its all because they don’t know how to pick the right size for their items. Some try to play it safe or cut cost and they end up with smaller storage sizes than they actually need.

But you can avoid all of these if you know how to determine the right storage size for your items.

So, I’ve compiled a list of different storage spaces provided by self storage units and what these units can accommodate so you wouldn’t end up paying for the wrong storage size:

What’s the right storage size for your items?

Photo by Mike Mozart @ Flickr / CC BY
You can save costs by picking the appropriate storage size for your items. Photo by Mike Mozart @ Flickr / CC BY

5 x 5 Unit (25 sq. ft.)

This is probably the smallest storage space you can rent. It’s similar to the size of a home closet. This size is suitable for storing extra items like records/files, twin-size mattresses, books and any other small item that can fit into your closet.

5 x 10 Unit (50 sq. ft.)

If you have a studio apartment, this storage space size is suitable for storing contents that are ideal for your apartment. It can accommodate several boxes, a motorcycle, chairs, small mattress set and kitchen appliances.

10 x 5 unit (50 sq. ft.)

This storage space is similar to a 5 x 10 unit. It can contain items that can fit into a studio apartment. But the door is wider and the storage depth is shallower which makes it easier for you to access your stored items. If you intend to remove and replace items every now and then you should consider this storage space.

5 x 15 Unit ( 75. sq ft.)

A 75 square feet storage space is fairly big compared to the ones I mentioned earlier. This storage space can accommodate the content of a one bedroom apartment. Its good for storing furniture, and sporting equipment. Furniture such as a couch, small dining set and chair would fit in easily. Several small items, bicycles and business merchandise can be stored in this unit too.

10 x 10 Unit (100 sq. ft.)

If you intend to store items that can fill up a two bedroom apartment, then consider this 100 square feet storage space. It can accommodate an entertainment center, king-size mattresses, bigger appliances, furniture, dining room and several small items you’ll find in a regular 2 bedroom space.

10 x 15 Unit (150 sq. ft)

This storage space is ideal for storing the content of a 3 bedroom space. Ideal for storing big screen TVs, drum set, full dining room set, equipment required for several months tour, sporting equipment and music equipment such as a C-3 piano.

10 x 20 Unit  (200 sq. ft.)

Unlike the previous storage space, this storage space can accommodate a small car and a 3 to four bedroom set with some extra space. The extra space is ideal for small items such as boxes, small furniture set and other medium-sized items.

 10 x 25 Unit (250 sq. ft)

This is one of the biggest storage sizes, it is ideal for storing a trailer and a small boat with some extra space to spare. The extra space can store a small bedroom furniture set, small chairs, couch and several other small items.

10 x 30 Unit (300 sq. ft.)

This storage space is ideal for storing a large vehicle, small boat and other big items with extra room for other small items. If you’re making a long distance move, this storage space is appropriate for storing items of a large home while you’re getting used to your new neighborhood.

After picking the right storage space for your items, you should consider organizing your items in the storage facility like a pro. Are you looking at renting a storage space? We provide up to six free self storage space quotes so you can compare costs carefully before making up your mind.