Self Storage Facilities – What To Consider Before Renting One?

Self Storage Facilities – What To Consider Before Renting One?

Self storage facilities can provide important extra spaces in many situations. Whether you’re moving your home, selling, renting, buying, or you just need an extra space for some of your items, a self storage facility could be an easy solution.

But with so many self storage facilities all around, how to pick the best for your items could be tricky. There are some key things you really have to consider before settling for any self storage facility. A good storage facility offers peace of mind in knowing that your belongings are safe and secure. Therefore choosing the right self storage is absolutely critical.

But before you go out trying to find a storage unit, make sure you know the first rule of storage: Don’t store items you don’t need

Paying to store items you no longer need is like setting a pile of dollars on fire.

No need to spend money on storing items you will never use or want. You can donate such items to schools, hospitals, charity organizations, local community etc. Also, you may consider organizing a garage sale to reduce the number of items you intend to store. The less items you have to store, the smaller storage unit you’ll need.

Once you have the list of items that you need to store, here are the key things you need to consider before renting a storage unit

Consider storage options

Consider how long you intend to keep your items at the self-storage facility. Find out if some of the items could be stored at a friend’s place, colleague or family member’s place. It’s not compulsory for all your items to be stored in a self-storage facility.

Compare Self Storage Facilities

Before you opt for any specific self-storage facility, compare quotes from multiple self-storage companies. Compare the quotes and ask relevant questions about the type of storage you intend to make. With that in mind, you can easily find self storage units near you and get free storage quotes from several licensed facilities.

Inspect the storage facility

Inspect all the potential storage facilities you may opt for. Observe how the facilities are maintained; see if they look rusty, dusty or disorganized. Expect the same level of maintenance for your items if you decide to patronize them.

Also, observe how the owners behave and answer your questions. See if they act and communicate as genuine professionals or just pretending to be one. Find out about their security policies. Do they use surveillance or a 24hr security? Find out about their insurance policies, what they prohibit and allow. If you don’t feel convinced about their level of professionalism, based on what you’ve seen or how they have answered your questions, stay away from them.

How a self storage facility is maintained will determine how your stored items will be taken care of. Avoid poorly maintained facilities.

Some storage facilities offer specific services based on items you intend to store. The following are some of such:

Climate-controlled facilities  

If you intend to store items that may be affected by climate or weather change, you should consider a climate-controlled facility. Climate-controlled facilities store items under specific controlled climate conditions and prevent exposure to external weather, climate or conditions.

Portable On-Demand storage

With an increase in the popularity of on-demand services, some storage companies are now offering portable on-demand storage solutions. Companies like PODS, ABF-UPack, MakeSpace offer unique storage options. You will pack and load your items in the container and the company will move it to their facility or store it in your new location.


Some storage facilities specialize on storing boats. Such facilities are often located close to a body of water or marina. When you opt for a boat storage facility they assure you that your boats are stored exactly the way it should in the right weather and condition.


Wine storage facilities store wines in temperature-controlled facilities. They ensure your wines are preserved appropriately to retain its taste, and appearance.


Businesswoman Holding Car In The Hands - Insurance Or Car Busine
An automobile self storage facility must be able to provide maximum protection for your car.

Some storage facilities provide special storage spaces for cars. Others simply specialize in car storage facilities only. Ask your self-storage facility service provider if they provide special storage space for cars. Inspect the storage space and how it is maintained and protected before you opt for it.

Now that you know what to consider before find a self storage unit, its time for you to start your research. Find the largest collection of storage units near your area, compare prices and read reviews. Reserving your storage unit is absolutely free with