Some Steps to Make Your Home Baby Proof

Some Steps to Make Your Home Baby Proof

Being a parent is no easy task. As parents, you have to be extra careful and remove the items that might be potentially hazardous for your little ones. Making your home baby proof is not as difficult as it may sound. All it takes is a little knowledge and some careful preparation and you can convert your home into a safe zone for your little one.

Get down to your baby’s eye level

It is easy to keep kids safe and protected during the first few months after birth when they stay in one place and are not able to move around. The real challenges start emerging when they start crawling around the house.

Get down on the floor and try and view your home from the perspective of your baby. Look out for nails, small objects, or stray wires that your kid can easily get a hold of and put in the mouth. Use covers over electrical outlets to keep these out of reach from your little ones. You can also keep electrical outlets blocked when not in use; this way, your kids would not be able to pull out plugs or stick fingers inside.

Cover corners and sharp edges

Make sure that sharp edges and corners are properly covered to protect your babies once they start taking their first tentative steps. This is the time, they would grab onto whatever is within reach to gain a better balance. Remove rectangular tables of low height and replace these with smooth round tables. The sharp edges of the rectangular tables can be really unsafe for little ones learning to walk for the first time. You can also cover the rough edges with soft foam pieces to make sure that your baby stays protected always.

Make sure that stairways and gates are blocked

Install a baby gate and make sure that your babies are able to only roam in designated play areas. You can drill hardware gates onto walls and on top of staircases or opt for pressure gates to restrict the movement of your babies at the ground level.

Lock cabinets

Secure cabinet doors and make sure that your kids do not get hold of cleaning products, medicines, or any other hazardous substances.

Never leave windows open

Make sure that no window is left open near the cribs or any other furniture piece that your babies can climb onto. Install protective window guards or safety netting to prevent babies accidentally from falling out of open windows.

Make sure that doors are secure

Install safety products to prevent your babies from opening doors or pinching their fingers in a bid to do so. Secure the front door, bathroom door, basement door, and any other sliding door in your home to prevent any untoward incident taking place.

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