Settling Down In a New Place: Know Thy Neighbor

Settling Down In a New Place: Know Thy Neighbor

Meeting the neighbors and getting to know them is a crucial aspect of settling down in a new place. Some of us may find it a bit awkward to meet new people while we are still coming to terms with the locality we have moved to and the new environment. However, we should not defer gelling up for long, as having a strong relationship with neighbors can positively affect our living situations.

So, what can you do to break the ice and bond with your new neighbors?

To begin with, be friendly and remember to smile so that your neighbors feel comfortable approaching you. Make sure that the first impression you make is a favorable one.

You can go over to your neighbor’s house at an opportune moment to get the ball rolling. Or, you can spend some time outside in the yard or take a walk in the neighborhood to meet new people who are staying in the same locality.

Take the initiative and start with small talks. This could be when you are passing someone out on their front porch or when you are riding the elevator together. You can share something about yourself and your family or enquire on how they are doing. Make sure to greet your neighbors when you meet them, and stop to chat for a while if you have the time. This way, you can get to know the people living around and make friends in the neighborhood.

You can hire a babysitter for the day and keep a room especially for your kids and pets, where they can spend the day playing with toys or watching movies. Alternatively, you can send them over to a friend’s place for the day, where they can follow their daily routines and not be troubled in any way.

If you are someone with above average cooking skills, you can bake some brownies or cookies and take them over to your neighbor’s house. The people living in your vicinity would usually be touched by such a warm gesture and form a favorable impression, which would definitely hold you in good stead later on.

Throw a housewarming party or an informal barbeque, and invite your neighbors over. This way, you can get to know them in a casual and fun setting, and maybe even end up forming connections for life.