How To Find The Right Rental Home That Matches Your Preference

How To Find The Right Rental Home That Matches Your Preference

How and where can you find a rental home that matches your preference?

It’s such a tricky task, but i know exactly how. 

And I also know how you feel. Being on the lookout for a rental home that matches your preference without finding any.

I have felt that same way too.

But after moving several different times within a short time, relocating from one rental home to another, I have found what I call a rental home formula.

In this article, I’ll show you exactly what I did to find rental homes that matched my preferences regardless of the location.

How To Find  The Right Rent Rental Home

Now, let’s start with your preference.

#1. What exactly do you need in a home?

When you’re looking to rent a home there are several different options to choose from. You can choose from condos, apartments, houses etc. Regardless of what you’re considering, each place you look at will offer a unique combination of features, sizes, and locations.

So how exactly can you decide what to choose? You can make sorting through all the options you’re considering easier by making a checklist of all the things you’ll love to have in your rented home. The checklist is a simple method of streamlining your options.

For instance, if you’re looking for an apartment with at least two bathrooms, you can avoid all apartments that lacks such feature.

What exactly do you need in a rental home?
What exactly do you need in a rental home?

Here’s a simple idea of what you may include in your checklist: 

  • What utilities do you want in your rental home?
  • If you own a pet, is the place you’re looking at allow pets?
  • How many rooms do you need?
  • Do you want a place that is handicap accessible?
  • How many bathrooms do you need?
  • Do you want a dishwasher?
  • Do you want to live in an apartment building or an upper floor?
  • Do you need washer and dryer in the premises?

While you have your checklist ready, bear in mind that the cost of rental homes often depend on their features. If you have a robust budget, then you’ll get exactly what you want.

But if your budget is slim, you may have to leave out some features on your list so you can have a rental home you can afford.

#2. What location are you looking at?

One of the major things you’ll have to consider when considering a rental home is its location. Sometimes, you may find a very cheap rental home in a location you don’t like.

Homes is some locations are cheap because the neighborhood is not crime-free.

Choose a rental home location that matches your needs.
Choose a rental home location that matches your needs.

I’ll suggest you find out as much as you can about any neighborhood you’re considering. Make sure you drive around the neighborhood to get a feel of it. Do a background check on the neighborhood’s crime statistics.

You can check out the neighborhood’s crime rate on a site like Best Places.

Read more about how to pick the right neighborhood to move to and 10 things you ought to know about your new neighborhood.

#3. Where can you find the rental home listing in the location you prefer?

After making up your mind on what to look for and where to find it, you’ll have to figure out how to find it. There are many methods you can use in your search for a home to rent and I’ll suggest you try as many as you can come up with.

Its hard to predict what channel you’ll use to find your perfect home but try these options:


Almost everything seems to be online these days. Start your search on a web search engine like Google. Type in the precise type of rental home you want and the exact location you prefer.

You can find many rental home listing online.
You can find many rental home listing online.

Check out as many listings as you can and contact whoever is in charge of any one you prefer. Do not make any payment or sign any deal until you’re sure the rental home is real or you should visit the place to see for yourself.

Be careful about online scams. In reply to a query, if you’re asked to provide personal data such as Social security number, bank information, credit card number and any other sensitive information, don’t provide such info and stop visiting the site.

Community Bulletin boards

Sometimes, you can find fliers or ads posted on community bulletin boards for local apartment buildings or rental homes


Don’t overlook the local newspapers of the neighborhood where you’re searching. Many classified ads are for rental home listing and you can contact whoever is in charge to book an appointment to see the place.

Drive around the neighborhood

Sometimes all you have to do is drive around the neighborhood you’re considering and keep your eyes open. If you see any real estate office around while driving by, consider talking to them about your search.

You can find available rental homes by driving around your preferred location.
You can find available rental homes by driving around your preferred location.

So what exactly should you lookout for when you start checking available rental home listing?

What to look out for in a rental home?

Sometimes sticking to what you’re really looking for in a home might be tricky. Sometimes, you may find what seems like a perfect home but lack some of the key features you want.

Other times, you may find a home with all the features you want but in the wrong neighborhood like a neighborhood with a high crime rate.

Be on the lookout for features you want in your rental home.
Be on the lookout for features you want in your rental home.

The trick is simple, before signing any deal for a rental home, make sure you visit the place and inspect it carefully. During the inspection, check if there are leaking pipes, are the toilets flushing, are the door lock and windows okay?

Are there any parking space for your car? Feel free to test as many things as you can, you don’t want to end up in a home where most of the features don’t work. Be on the look out for any red flags that can cause problems down the road.

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