Moving With Your Pets: Few Tips

Moving With Your Pets: Few Tips

Moving to an entirely new locale is not an easy job. Relocation is exciting and a big change from the monotonous life routine but at the same time you need to ensure a safe and happy move, which definitely includes the safety and care of all the family members including pets. If you have pets such as a dog, a rabbit, white rats, or a bird, you need to make sure that they also reach the new place securely along with other family members.

Make the Move Stress Free Even for Your Loving Pets

We make sure to reduce the stress and chaos while moving so that our move is successful; however, have we ever given it a thought that pets are equally sensitive to changes as we are! The worst part is unlike human, the pets not even know what and why the change is occurring. Moving is a difficult process even for the pets but there are ways to make it painless to a certain extent. 

Checklist for Moving with the Pets

– Arrange for pets care during the move

– Need of overnight accommodation

– Appropriate pet carriers for transportation

– Keep the food and the first-aid kit handy for pets

– Prepare your new place for pets i.e. try to make the new place as cozy and warm as the old one

– Update yourself on the veterinary records of your pet

– During a long-distance move, try to keep the pet along with you if possible.

– Find a veterinary clinic and emergency hospital for your pet in the new location well in advance.

– Your pet’s tag should be updated with the new address to avoid any mishap

– Make your pet ready for the move.

– Keep away your pets from any kind of chaos.

– Give a thought on all the pet affecting factors due to relocation.

– Educate yourself on all the pet laws and regulations of the place you are moving to.

– Always keep a photograph of your pet handy in case it gets lost.

– Check beforehand whether pets are allowed in the new community.

– Need to have a special permit for exotic pets (iguanas, venomous snakes, tarantulas, ferrets, etc.).

– In case your pet requires special handling, try to hire a professional pet service.

Remember pets are no less than human beings as far as feelings and sensitivity is concerned. If you are planning a move, you should have extra planning agendas for moving your pet. The ultimate aim is to make the move comfortable and cheerful for the complete family including your valued pets.