How To Transfer Utilities When Moving To A New Home

How To Transfer Utilities When Moving To A New Home

Imagine life in a new home without your regular utilities. No electricity, water, gas, internet, phone/cable, the list is almost endless. As odd as it sounds, many people actually experience this while waiting for utilities to be connected after moving into a new home. If you’re moving to a new home, you can avoid this scenario by transferring your utilities from your previous home to your new home.

Transferring utilities to your new home at the right time can make it easier for you to settle into the new environment more conveniently. But if you have several utilities to transfer, you might be wondering how to transfer them all without any stress.

The truth is, transferring your utilities shouldn’t be a problem if you know exactly how to do it. In fact, it is easier than you probably thought.

How To Transfer Utilities When Moving

What utilities do you currently use?

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Make a list of your current utilities so you’ll have a clear idea of what to transfer.

You can’t transfer a utility you don’t currently use. So before you start transferring utilities, you’ll need a list of what you currently use.

You’ll have to list all the utilities you have and the names of the companies that provide these services.

You can indicate the average cost of using these utilities per month.

You can find a cheaper option in your new town and switch utilities instead of transferring to a new address.

Research utilities in your new town

If it’s possible, discuss with your new apartment community management about utilities at your new apartment. Consider taking notes during the discussion.

Find out if any utility services are added in your rent. In some cases, a one apartment community might include your water bill in the rent, while some others may provide internet connection for free.

Research utilities in your new area before transferring from your old house.

Also, find out if there are any exclusive utility service providers for the new neighborhood or the apartment neighborhood.

If there is any, you may decide to switch utility service providers especially when you’re making a long distance move, instead of transferring services between addresses.

Ever more, find out if there are any preferred utility service providers for your new apartment neighborhood. Some of such providers often offer discounts to residents in the area their business is located.

Contact Your Utilities Services

To initiate utilities transfer or to schedule services, you’ll have to call your utilities services provider. Find out what you’ll have to do in order to transfer utilities. Find out if you have to be right there when the old utilities are turned off or when the new ones are switched on.

Also, find out if a deposit is required before the transfer. You can take advantage of such period to schedule any appointment with the utilities company. Find out if there are any discounts for starting new utilities at your new apartment.

You should also ask if there are ways you could cut your utility bill. You may carefully examine all aspects of your utilities to see if there are features you’re not using but paying for.

Confirm your utilities before you move

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Call your utilities services provider to confirm service transfer before your moving day.

Before you move, call your utilities service providers to confirm that your utilities will be transferred to your new home at the agreed date.

Also, confirm any required appointment to turn on new utilities at your new home.

Consider keeping your notes handy when you make these calls just in case there are any questions.

Make sure the utilities are transferred at least a day before you move into your new home. It’ll do a whole lot of good if you have your utilities running when you and your family arrive your new home.

Transfer your utilities in advance

Avoid the mistake of leaving your utility transfer until the last minute. The paperwork of some utility services might take some few days to go through on the transfer. Starting the transfer early will leave enough time for the entire process to work out smoothly. Play smart!

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