How To Hire A Good Moving Company

How To Hire A Good Moving Company

Almost any mover can claim to be a good moving company, but not all moving companies are actually good.

But how can you spot the difference between a good moving company and a bad one?

How can you spot the difference between a good moving company and a bad one?

There are some tell-tale signs to lookout for whenever you’re planning to hire a moving company.

Once you recognize these signs, it’ll be easier for you to hire a good moving company.

In this article, I’ll show how to find and hire a good moving company to move your home successfully.

How To Hire A Good Moving Company

1. Do A Background Check

“Before you hire any moving company, do some background check about the company. Ask questions, contact your friends and family and let them make suggestions. If one of your friends recently moved, call that friend and ask for detailed information about the move,” says Raj Kalra, a moving expert at

Make a list of all the moving companies your friends, colleagues and family have recommended. You’ll have to streamline that list as you dig deeper.

2. Search Online

The internet is a rich source of information. Take advantage of it!

Most moving companies have a website. Go online and see their websites. See as many movers’ website as you can. Take note of their contact address and information.

Call them to see how they respond. Send them an email and observe how long it takes them to respond and how professional they are.

Also, find out if the contact address on the sites is real or fictitious. Make a list of all the potential companies you may hire. You may streamline your list to just three companies and invite them for an on-site assessment, each on a different date.

3. Ask the Moving Companies Questions

One easy way to find out about a good moving company is to analyze how they respond to questions. Before you agree to any deal or sign any paperwork with any moving company online or offline, ask as many questions as possible. If you’re not satisfied with their responses do not sign any deal with them.

But what exactly should you be asking about? Read more about relevant questions to ask a moving company before hiring.

Better still, make sure you obtain the following information about any moving company you intend to hire:

  • Full company name and any DBA names (doing business as)

    Asking the right questions can save you from hiring rogue movers.
  • How long they have been in business
  • Company address
  • Phone numbers (local and toll-free)
  • DOT and MC license numbers
  • Company web site address
  • Email addresses
  • Get references (and call them)

Also, a good moving company must provide you with a booklet titled “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move.”

4. See Posts and Reviews on Movingscam.Com

Before you eventually sign a moving deal, check out  It’s a website dedicated to exposing the fraudulent activities of fake movers. Check their reviews, comments and message boards. Carefully observe if anyone has mentioned the moving company you intend to hire negatively.

Also, you may post a message on the site’s message board asking if anyone has ever hired the moving company and the quality of their services. The message boards are quite active and you may get tons of reply.

5. Contact the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Just before you make up your mind to hire, find out if they is any complain about the company via the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

One or two cases of unsatisfied customers does not mean the moving company is bad or fake. But pay close attention to the complaints. Observe how they were resolved and and ask yourself if you’ll be satisfied with such resolutions.

good time
Don’t shy away from asking your friends about how they found a good moving company.

A good moving company is always concerned about its reputation and they do all they can to settle all disputes amicably leaving the customer happy.

But some moving companies are startups and are too new to have generated contents on Better Business Bureau.

But you can check them out on the US Department of Transportation’s website.

6. Visit the US Department of Transportation’s Website

Before you agree to sign a deal with any long-distance mover, visit the US Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) website. See if the moving company you intend to hire have a Department of Transportation (DOT) Number.

The DOT number is an indication that the moving company is registered with the Department of Transportation.

Also, you should check the FMCSA’s Safety and Fitness Electronic Records (SAFER) System. Search for information about the moving company you intend to hire.You can find something useful that can help you make the right decision.

7. Pick The Best Three

moving estimate
How big is your moving budget? Compare it to what the movers are asking for.

After all the background checks and verifications, pick the best three moving companies on your list. Call them and ask for free moving quotes.

Compare these quotes carefully. Weigh your options carefully and request for a binding-not-to-exceed moving estimate. Compare these estimates and pick the best option.

But cost shouldn’t be the only thing you should consider at this stage. The moving company’s experience, moving convenience and your moving distance are some other things worth considering.

Hiring a good moving company is easier than you thought!

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