How To Pack Frames and Photos While Moving

How To Pack Frames and Photos While Moving

Just one picture can trigger hundreds of positive memories that can inspire you to live happily. In fact, we all have at least one picture we hold so dear to our hearts and would love to keep for as long as we’re alive. So when you’re moving your home, you’d want to make sure that all your precious memories are delivered in one piece.

If you’re having a DIY move or you intend to pack your household items by yourself,  you’ll have to pack frames and all your photos carefully to avoid chipping corners or breaking glasses.

If you have lots of pictures and frames to pack, you can hire a professional packer to help you pack them appropriately.

But if you have lots of photos and frames to pack, you may consider letting the moving company do the packing or you can hire professional packers.

The following tips will help you pack your frames and photos appropriately:

Get the Right Packing Supplies

First, you’ll need these packing supplies for the packing:

  • Packing tape
  • Marker
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Over-sized box

Packing pictures and frames safely  

You’ll have to use a box that is larger than the picture you want to pack. Ensure the box is flat, or break it apart if the box has already been put together. Then you should use packing tape to tape one end of the box tightly.

Label the box containing your picture and frames on all sides as “Fragile” and indicate the room you want the box to end up in your new home.

Next you’ll have to place the picture in its frame flat on a piece of bubble wrap that is larger than the size of the picture. Wrap the picture appropriately in the same way you would wrap it as a gift. After you’re done with the wrapping, use a wrapping tape to hold the picture firmly.

Now gently slide the picture through the opening of the box and then seal the end firmly with packing tape. Label every side of the box and the top “Fragile” and indicate the room you want the box to be placed at your new home e.g. bedroom, kitchen etc.

When loading the box on the moving van, position the box on its side not flat. It will be easier for the picture to soak up pressure on its edge compared to when it’s flat.

Essential tips

pic and frame
Load series of packed pictures and frames on their edges and place them in a wardrobe box

On the moving truck, position the pictures on their edges and place them where they won’t fall over or shift while in transit. Consider using specialized cardboard protectors to protect the edges of your picture frame.

Also, load series of packed pictures and frames on their edges and place them in a wardrobe box. Pack soft items around them to prevent them from shifting while in transit.

Don’t place any item at the top of your packed pictures. Your pictures should be one of the first items to unload as soon as you arrive your new home.

Get some moving quotes from our professional movers to see if its even worth doing all the packing yourself.