How To Choose The Right Self Storage Unit?

How To Choose The Right Self Storage Unit?

We’ve all heard that Size Doesn’t Matter.

Well, in some scenarios Size DOES Matter!!! And its’ especially true when the time comes to find a self storage unit to store your belongings.

Self storage facilities provide a safe and secure place where you can store your household items. It is an ideal option for an extra space for your items whenever you are moving, downsizing or just need more space where you can store some items safely.

If you intend to use any self storage facility, you have to make the crucial decision of choosing a specific storage size. The storage size you opt for may determine the eventual price you have to pay and how well your items will be stored. So it is important not to opt for a size that is too large or too small.

The 4 Step Self Storage Plan

The following tips will help you select the appropriate self storage size for your household items:

Step 1 : Consider why you need storage

The first step in finding the right self storage unit is to decided why you need one. The types of items you intend to store will determine the self storage unit you need. If you intend to store items that may be affected or damaged by weather, consider using climate-controlled storage units. If you only need to store items for a short period of time while you move to a new house, you may want to consider portable storage units.

So you see, before going out and renting a storage unit, figure out what kind of storage you are looking for.

Step 2: Take Inventory of your items

Once you’ve figured out the first step, start making a list of all the items you intend to store. Whether the items are large, small, heavy or light, indicate it in your list. It’s important to get organized and plan ahead. Also, you may consider taking photos, and write short notes of your items for reference sake. The size of unit you need will directly depend upon the amount of things you need to store.

Step 3: Map out your storage plan

Plan the entire storage process from start to finish. If you intend to store items that you’ll need access to more often, store such items close to the entrance of the storage facility. Store items that you won’t need anytime soon towards the back end of the storage unit.

Consider using boxes of similar sizes and stock them appropriately in the storage unit. Pieces of furniture and sofas take fewer spaces when turned on their sides. Take advantage of every space in the storage unit.

Use boxes of similar sizes and store fragile items together in the same box, do the same for non-fragile items too.

Step 4: Pack similar items together

Similar items should be stacked together in the same box. Fragile items should not be packed together with heavy items that may damage them. Also, boxes that contain fragile and delicate items should be loaded at the top of boxes with heavy items. If you have items that you need frequent access to, store such items in a box, and stack it close to the entrance of the unit.

Different Self Storage Unit Sizes

After making a list and packing your items appropriately, it’s time to select the right storage unit size.

The following are the most common storage unit sizes and a rough guide to see how much stuff each unit size will hold:

Storage units for household items

5×5 (25 ft. 2): this self storage unit size will house a chest of drawers, boxes, and a small mattress set. This storage size is very efficient for storing seasonal items.

5×10 (50 ft2): this storage unit size will accommodate some bedroom furniture, a queen-sized mattress set, boxes, and a TV set.

10×10 (100 ft2): this self storage unit size will house the entire household items of a family/living room or two full bedrooms.

10×15 (150 ft2): this storage size can accommodate pieces of furniture of up to three bedrooms. It’s suitable for large items such as large screen TVs, pianos, couches, and tables.

10×20 (200 ft2): this storage size will house the items of up to a 5 bedrooms-home. It can accommodate a refrigerator, dryer/washer set, chairs, large boxes, and dining room tables.

10×30 (300 ft2): this storage size will accommodate household items of up to a 5 to 7 bedrooms home. It can contain larger items such as an entertainment center, refrigerator and a bed.

MJ self storage 7
Carefully consider the size of the items you intend to store and how often you intend to access these items whenever you are choosing a storage unit for your business.

Storage units for business items  

You can also make use of self storage facilities for your business. Whether you are moving your business, or just need to de-clutter the office, storage units can really come in handy. Below is a rough scale guide to help you decide what size storage unit you need.

5×5 (25 ft2): this storage unit size will accommodate the items of a large office closet filled with few storage boxes, files, books, and office chairs.

5×10 (50 ft2): this storage unit size can house equipment and tools, the items in one office room, including book cases, desks, few large storage boxes, and filing cabinets.

10×10 (100 ft2): this storage unit size can accommodate the entire content of an office. Also, it can hold storage boxes, chairs, desks, and computers.

10×15 (150 ft2): this storage unit size can house the pieces of furniture in up to three office rooms. The items it can house include computers, chairs, boxes and desks.

10×20 (200 ft2): this storage size will hold contents of up to a five office rooms. Such contents may include bookcases, and file cabinets, desks, computers, or a 5-years supply of tax files and business.

10×30 (300 ft2): this storage size will accommodate the items of up to a five office rooms. Such items will include large boxes, larges shelves, desks as well as pallets of inventory.

Tip: Before you opt for any storage unit size, visit the storage facility. Observe the maintenance level, and security. Ask to see the empty size of the recommended storage unit if possible. Compare the recommended size with what you initially planned for. Also, consider how long you intend to store your items at the unit before you sign to any storage deal.

Now that you have an idea about the size of the storage unit you need, its time to compare self storage rates.

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