How To Choose The Right Hotel For The Night While Moving

How To Choose The Right Hotel For The Night While Moving

If you’re making a long distance move, chances are it’ll take a day or two before you arrive at your new home. While the moving company is transporting your household items, you’d probably be traveling in your car with your family. But since the journey can take a day or two, you may decide to spend at least one night in a hotel.

Whether you hire a full service mover or you were involved in the packing or loading, by nightfall chances are you’ll really need a good place to sleep and freshen up the next day so you can complete your journey. If you choose the right hotel, you wouldn’t miss the comfort of your bed all too soon. But if you end up in a wrong hotel, you’ll have to sleep with one eye open.

Here is how you can find the right hotel while you’re moving:

Start researching hotel options before moving out

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Moving is stressful, having a good place to spend the night while you’re moving can reduce the stress.

As part of your moving plans, you should have a road map before your trip and decide how many hours you’ll travel each day. Once you make up your mind on the travel hours per day, you can easily figure out where to stop for the night. Do some research on the hotels and lodging in that stop area. You can easily do such research online.

Check customers reviews and pricing of at least three hotels in that area. Some prices may seem too good to be true, be careful about such hotels. Also, consider checking for crime rates in such area and see if there is any breaking news about a recent crime in the area.

Call the selected hotels

Call up to three hotels and ask about the costs of their services including meals.

Call all three selected hotels and ask about the cost of their rooms. Consider calling at least three hotels. Observe how they sound and answer your questions.  If you’re moving with your family, you may need more than one room. Don’t hesitate to ask about discounts as some hotels are known for offering discounts if you pay for more than a room at a time.

Make up your mind

After calling the hotels, make up your mind on the best option. If you’re moving with your family, consider discussing all available options and tell them what each of the hotel can provide. Costs shouldn’t be the only thing you’ll consider, other things are convenience, safety, security, internet access etc. After selecting your best option, call the hotel and book the number of rooms you’ll need. If possible, visit the hotel.

Park your car close to your room window

If the hotel does not provide adequate security for vehicles, you’ll have to take safety precautions. You should park your car where you can easily see it by looking out the window. You may need to get something in your car at any time and having it parked close by makes it easier to reach. Also, you’ll rest peacefully knowing your vehicle with some of your valuable and documents are not parked on the other side of the building or a different area that you can’t see.

Don’t leave your important documents and jewelry in the car

If you’re traveling with expensive jewelries, personal records, identifications, certificates etc. don’t leave them in your car while you leave for your hotel room. Don’t leave any of your valuables in the glove box. If a thief breaks into your car, you may find it difficult to recover any of your items.

Don’t forget to lock your door

Always play safe! Lock your door before you fall asleep.

It sounds absolutely funny. But after traveling for several hours behind the wheel, it’s easy to walk into the hotel without locking your door. When you lock your car door, do it manually. It’s more difficult to break into a car that is locked manually than a remote locked car.

Car thieves often pick power locks using code grabber. If you have a car alarm, activate it before you leave for your hotel room. Also, ensure you lock your hotel room door before you fall asleep.