Don’t Try Furniture Shipping without Checking Shipperoo

Don’t Try Furniture Shipping without Checking Shipperoo

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to ship a piece of furniture or any other item as soon as possible?  Or perhaps you just bought an item on Craigslist or in a garage sale and you needed to move it home without hiring a moving company?

We get a lot of customers reaching out to us daily in this situation. The problem here is that the shipment is too big for UPS and Fedex and too small for moving companies to touch.

So what are you to do???

Fret not, because we now have a solution, during our attempt to find a solution for one of our customers who was trying to ship a piece of furniture.

Shipperoo LLC!!

Shipperoo has created a new solution for shipping furniture and other items easily and cheaply. Especially when you need a driver to pick up an item and deliver it to your home or somewhere else as soon as possible.

I recently spoke to Tyler Banion, the Brand Manager of Shipperoo, who gave us some insight on what Shipperoo is and how it can help customers that find themselves in the above sticky situation. He talked to me about how people can ship items easily via Shipperoo‘s platform that allows people to post items they want to ship so drivers can bid for their pick up and delivery.

Below are the questions we asked him .. So read on .. 

How would you describe Shipperoo as a brand?

We are quite simply a matching site for all types of shippers and all types of cargo transport service providers. Our goal is to match shippers with drivers on a direct basis virtually eliminating the “Middle Man.”

What type of shipments does Shipperoo handle?

We currently see shipment posts for anything from a box of clothing to a “tiny house.”  As the driver network continues to grow, more and more transportation and related services will be available for any and all types of shipments.

Are there items Shipperoo doesn’t ship for any reason?

Anything within local, state, and federal regulations can be posted on Shipperoo.  Posting is free, and only drivers that are interested will compete for the job.  This streamlines the search and negotiation process for the shippers and the driver.

How do you work with customers to solve their shipping problems?

Moving, furniture shipping
You can have a stress-free shipping experience by picking the right shipper.

Shipperoo provides low cost technology to reduce time and money spent by shippers and drivers that are looking for each other.

I personally am here to help users navigate the site and also as a free of charge freight consultant to shippers and drivers.

What should people consider before picking a shipping company?

Once you’ve narrowed your choices through the help of Shipperoo technology, it may be beneficial to ask the interested drivers questions about cargo insurance, DOT licensing if applicable, and payment options you have with them.

You may also want to confirm the general plan they have in mind to get your products from A to B safely and quickly.

What are the easiest ways for customers to save costs on their shipment?

Shipperoo has a built in reverse auction feature that quickly saves the shipper time and freight costs.  Also, ensuring the shipment is packaged well is an easy way to avoid unexpected damage and extra costs.

What’s the most common problem people face with their shipments and what’s the safest way to avoid this problem?  

Most common problem is probably damage.  As the roads become rougher on trucks with bumps and pot-holes, freight tends to get tossed around inside the truck so durable protective PACKAGING helps the product get there safely. 

After a driver is selected and more detailed contact information is shared, ongoing communication throughout the movement of the cargo can also assist in making sure that everything goes as planned.

What advice do you have for people who are looking to ship items for the first time?  

Do your research and don’t settle for the cheapest rate.

It is my opinion that if you go with a great service provider, you will pay a little more for shipping but keep in mind, that driver is an extension of YOU so you want the best service possible.  And once again, direct communication from beginning to end, directly between shipper and driver is the best way to avoid unnecessary headaches.

So next time you find yourself in a situation where you only need to ship 1 or 2 items, or maybe a antique piece of furniture, give Shipperoo a try. For all other needs where you will need a professional moving company, checkout and get up to 4 moving quotes within minutes.