How To Keep Track of Items & Not Lose Anything While Moving

How To Keep Track of Items & Not Lose Anything While Moving

My cousin Adams recently moved to a new town and discovered few of his items were missing. But he was only aware of these missing items about ten days after the move. He had already signed-off on the way bill of the moving company and both parties had agreed that the moving was awesome.

A simple checklist will make it very easy for you to know if any of your items is missing.

Now, after all the money and time Adams had spend to move his home, chances are it’ll take some more time to retrieve his items, if he ever retrieves them.

Adams made just one mistake, he had no inventory and packing list during the move. I guess you wouldn’t want to make the same mistake too.

In the frenzy of packing, loading a moving truck and moving, some items can go missing or get damaged. But if you have a packing list and a household inventory, you’ll know the items the moving company will transport and the delivery to expect at your new home.

You can easily check the delivered items off and verify them on your list to confirm if your belongings arrive in one piece or if some are missing.

Make an inventory list and don’t lose anything while moving

Here are some of the most relevant tips for creating a household inventory and packing list:

Make record of your household items

You can use a digital still camera or a video camera to take record of your belongings. Regardless of the method you opt for, create an audio diary with it or add notes to the still photos indicating when the items were purchased. Consider indicating the actual amount you purchased the items and let the insurance company determine its present value.

If you intend to use a video camera, have someone assist you by holding items, opening drawers and doors to ensure you get a well detailed record. However, if you don’t have either a still or video recorder, you can create a written record via the use of an already existing list.

You can use a list obtained from your insurance company, or create one using a software such as Excel or a notepad. Record when the items were acquired and the cost at that time. Consider recording serial numbers or any distinctive features just in case the items go missing.

Take photographs

Pictures are very strong evidence of household goods inventory.

Depending on the types of items or belongings you intend to move, consider taking photographs along with a brief description.

You can take pictures of some of your kitchen appliances and items in your garage especially if you view them as items of high value.

If any of your items is missing, these pictures and their descriptions can make it easier for the moving company to trace the items.

Make copies of your lists

After taking pictures, video, and written descriptions of your items, make copies of the written descriptions, videos or photographs. Ensure you keep copies with relatives or friends while you keep the originals. This will guarantee that a copy is still available even if you lose the originals.

Use your inventory for estimation

Your household inventory can help the moving company come up with an accurate estimate of your moving cost. Also, it will help you reach a decision if you’ll require any additional moving insurance to what is offered through your home or mover’s insurance.

Further, household inventory is crucial in case of emergencies such as natural disasters, fire or if your home is broken into. Items descriptions, recorded videos, pictures, and serial numbers can assist during items recovery or insurance claims.

Make copies of your important documents

Make copies of all your important documents while moving.

Make sure you have copies of all you important documents before the move. Consider making copies of documents such as wills, insurance policy, birth certificates, death certificates, deeds etc.

Keep the original copies with you during the trip to your new home and keep the copies in the moving truck for the movers to transport.

This will guarantee that at least one copy of each of the documents is delivered to your new home.

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