College Moving – 5 Cheap Ways To Make It Easier

College Moving – 5 Cheap Ways To Make It Easier

College moving is exciting and challenging – especially when you’re moving away from home for the first time. That said, you’ll have to make up your mind about living in a dorm or finding a suitable apartment that wouldn’t put a hole in your pocket.

Regardless of the option you pick, you’ll have to decide how to move your stuff to college. To help you cut your college moving costs significantly, here are 6 cheap moving options you should consider:

College Moving Option

1. Move By Using A Container

While only few people use containers for moving, its a great choice for students. Using a container is less expensive than hiring a moving company. Also, you can pick the container size and decide how long you want it camped out right in front of your house. With that, you can take as much time as you want packing.

Using a container is especially useful when you’re moving stuffs that are too many for a car to move but not enough to hire a moving company.

2. Move By Car

Many students will prefer moving to college dorm by car ahead of any other option. Moving by car is often the cheapest option especially if your parents will do the driving and you don’t have to pay for gas.

In the event that your college moving requires moving across the country, you should consider renting a car for a one-way trip instead of flying and carrying your stuffs with you. Better still, a road trip gives you the chance to sit back relax and prepare your mind for whatever you’re hoping for in college.

3. Move By Renting A Truck Or Van

college movingIf you intend moving to college dorm, chances are you wouldn’t be moving too many stuffs and so you shouldn’t rent a moving truck or van. However, if you’re moving into an apartment all alone or with friends, odds are you’ll have to move enough items that wouldn’t fit into your hatchback.

Before making up your mind to rent a truck, ask your friends who are moving to college if they are going in the same direction as you are. If you find any, you can make the trip together and share the rental and gas costs, including the driving if possible. Here are things you have to consider before renting a moving truck and how to load your moving truck like a pro.

4. Move By Bus

Moving by bus is one of the cheapest options for college moving. If you make up your mind to make the trip by bus, you’ll be able to move so many items and save some cash. But you’ll have to cope with travelling with several people on the same bus which is good news if you enjoy being around strangers or meeting new people.

5. Move By Plane

Moving by plane is the most expensive option and probably the most convenient especially when you’re moving to another country. But if you’re moving within the United States, you’ll have to consider the distance of the trip and the items you’ll have to move.

Hire A Moving Company

You can hire a professional moving company to help you move your items regardless of the distance you’re moving to. To get started, here’s how to find and hire a good moving company and if you’re wondering about costs, we provide up to six free moving quotes so you can compare costs carefully before making up your mind.