Change Address Checklist Who to Notify When You Move

Change Address Checklist Who to Notify When You Move

We know that you’ll be too busy as the moving day approaches and in the fully-packed schedule, it is normal to miss out on many things. Most people maintain one or many checklists to not forget the important points. However, despite having a checklist, which claims to be ‘next to perfect’, a majority of people miss out on one thing – notifying the needed people about the address change. 

And as you’ll soon be moving, a change address checklist of who to notify when you move would be of great help. As you read this, you’ll realize that it is not just friends and family who should know where you move. There’s a long list of other organizations and companies that need to know your new address.

Our change address checklist of who to notify when you move will help you keep a track of who you have and haven’t told about your new address.

When you inform all relevant people about the address change, you don’t need to worry about missing the important bills and documents. 

When should I change the address?

It is not that you update the address with everyone before you pack the home. There are places where you need to update in advance, places you need to update a day before the moving day or on the deal day, and places where you can update a week or two after moving. Once you read our change address checklist of who to notify when you move, you will have a clear picture of them.

We’ll divide the checklist into two:

  • Places to notify before you move
  • Places to move after you move

As you assumed, we’ll start with places to notify before moving.

Here is the Change address checklist Before Moving


  • The post office

Notifying the post office about the address change is vital as you don’t want to miss any mail sent to the old home. When you update the address, you can be sure that all important documents or bills arrive at the new home. Changing the postal address is easy. You can update it online and set it for a specific start date. Ensure you update the address at least a week before moving day—any later and there may be a gap between when you move and when your mail forwarding can begin.

  • Office or employer

It is important that your employer knows your new address as all office documents can be updated for future contacts. This also ensures that pay stubs, tax forms, and the like go to the right place.

  • Utilities

Moving to a home with no electricity, water, or internet is the last thing you want. This makes it vital to let every utility provider know about the new address. Often, you may have the same internet, telephone, and electricity provider and upon informing them about the new address, the connection would be shifted and everything would be in place by the time you arrive. 

As every company now has address changing options online, you can do it a week in advance in no time. If you already have an online account and are remaining in the same area, simply update your account to reflect your new billing address. A move across state lines or a transition from apartment to home will require you to cancel your current utility services and open new accounts.

Common utilities you can expect to change include:

  • Gas and electric
  • Phone, cable, and internet providers
  • Water/sewage department
  • Garbage/recycling company
  • Home security company
  • Online shopping and portals and video websites

You may have ordered something on Amazon and by the time it is delivered, you have relocated the house. It would be a real pain to chase the product, especially when the new home is somewhere outside the state. But when you update the new address, it will be delivered to the new home on time. However, you shouldn’t update the address too early – say two weeks or more before the moving date – as then the item would reach the new home before you arrive there and no one would be available to receive it. It is better you check the delivery date and status before updating the address. Even the address on streaming services, including Netflix, needs to be updated before you reach the new home as you can catch up with a flick as soon as possible. 

  • Magazines and subscription services

If you’ve got a subscription for a magazine or a newspaper, change your address by emailing or calling their customer service department.

  • Clubs and organizations

You should let the clubs, organizations, and charities where you have a membership or are associated know about the address change. Your gym, club, or an organization you’re involved with may have a branch at the new place. And when your new address is updated in their database, it becomes easier to connect with them as soon as you reach the new location. 

  • Individual service providers

Inform your doctor, veterinarian, dentist, etc about your move and provide the new address. This will help them mail information and bills if you’re moving locally. And if the new home is interstate, they can give referrals.

  • Friends and family

You cannot miss out on friends and relatives as they would need to visit you often or send you gifts on occasions. In addition, it is also a courtesy to let them know about your move. You can send a mass mail to everyone on the friend list to update them about the new address. 

  • Institutions and providers

Once you’re done informing all important places about the address change, it is time to update institutions and groups you are associated with. These are not people whom you need to mandatorily inform about the moving plan but it is an act of courtesy. The places to inform before you pack your bags include children’s schools, day care, and church. If you’ve got membership in the neighborhood association, school PTA, health clubs, country clubs, or alumni groups, inform everyone about the relocation and provide the new home address. You can also informally invite everyone to the new home. 

Here is the Change address checklist After moving

Government and public offices 

It is vital to inform every required government office about the address change. To help you, we’ve searched out a few important public offices where you require updating the new address.

  • Tax agencies

Notify the federal revenue agency and your state tax agency about the change of address. You can update the new address on the simple online form by IRS. To notify the state tax agency, visit the specific state’s government website and look for directions. You can do it online in most of the states. 

  • Social security administration

If you are receiving any social security benefits, you need to inform the SSA about the change in the home to continue getting the benefits. Fill out their change of address application online or give them a call at (800) 772-1213.

  • Financial services
  • Banks and investment services

As soon as you move to the new home, you need to ensure that all statements and bills are sent to the right place. And for that, you need to notify your bank, as well as companies where any investments lie about the address change.

  • Loan issuers

You have taken a loan from an institution; legally, you need to inform it of the change in the address. This applies to student loans and any companies offering advances.

  • Credit card companies and retail credit accounts

Despite you having gone paperless billing, you’ll want your credit card companies to have your updated address for any important notices.

  • Accountant and tax advisors

After you move to a new home, messing up with the tax payment is the last thing you want. To avoid any problem at the last moment of the tax season, you need to notify your accountant of your address change as early as possible.

  • Insurance

Update all forms of insurance, such as health, dental, life, auto, disability, and homeowner’s insurance.

  • Vehicle services
  • DMV license

Even if you are moving locally, you need to register the vehicle at the new address within 30 days of moving. If you are moving interstate, you’ll be required to register your vehicle in your new state, as well. While you are in the local DMV office with all required documents, registration of the vehicle, and updating the driving license can be done effortlessly. Though you’ve got 1 month, it is good to register as early as possible.

  • Vehicle breakdown cover

It is crucial to update the new home address at the breakdown cover provider as some providers charge differently for different areas and they need to know where to take you in the event of a breakdown. You can update the changed home address on the provider’s website. 

  • Voter registration

Once you’re moved to a new place, it is important to register in the voter’s list. Update your address on the voter registration website and you’ll get information like which voting district you are in and which polling location you need to go on a polling day. 
Informing everyone about the home moving will take time and the chances of you missing out on many names are normal. Take a print of our change address checklist of who to notify when you move and keep it in hand ensuring you have notified all relevant offices. This will help you to have a great life at the new home.