Moving without hiring a Full Service Moving Company – 4 Alternatives

Moving without hiring a Full Service Moving Company – 4 Alternatives

There’s so much fuss about moving being one of the most stressful events to embark on. However, full service moving companies take the entire stress out of moving to make it a remarkable experience.

How is that even possible?

Full-service moving companies are movers that handle every aspect of moving from the beginning to the end.

When you hire a full-service mover, they will do the packing, bring the moving truck to your home, load your items on the truck, transport the items to your new home, unload them from the truck, and unpack them into each room as you want. They can even disassemble and assemble your furniture. All you have to do is sit back and watch your move being executed successfully. 

But on one hand where full service moving comes with all these perks, on the other hand, such a level of white-glove service can come with a higher price tag. So, for the budget-conscious or anyone that doesn’t mind doing some of work themselves, there are alternative moving services that could work

Let’s take a look at these alternatives.

Alternatives to moving without hiring full-service movers

Moving labor services and moving helpers

The hardest challenge during the moving process is loading and unloading the heavy furniture. Bringing that heavy china cabinet down two floors and loading it onto the truck. Then unloading it into your new home. Do this for all the other heavy pieces of furniture in the house, and moving can easily turn into quite a workout.

This is where Moving Labor companies come in. These companies help you with just the loading and unloading part of your move. You are responsible for renting a truck and driving it, but moving helpers can help you with the heavy stuff. 

This type of moving service is often referred to as the Hybrid moving option and it can be quite cost effective than hiring full service movers, especially for short distance moves or local moves.

Good for: Local moves of any size. Some interstate moves depending upon the cost of the truck.

Pros: Generally less costly than full-service moving

Cons: Multiple things to manage. You’ll be trading convenience to save some money. You’ll need to rent truck then drive yourself, then you’ll need to find a company to load at origination and another one at destination to help you unload.

Moving Containers

Moving containers are often known as Portable moving and storage containers – and they are a good alternative to hire a full-service moving company. This moving method involves calling the moving container company to drop off a desired container size on your preferred location such as your home or office. You can then pack and load your items onto the moving container or hire moving labor services to help you out. 

Note: The best part about using moving containers to move is that you can take your time and move at your own pace. No need to rush and do it all in one day.

Once the loading is completed, you’ll call the moving container company to pick up the loaded container. The company is responsible for transporting the container to your new location (home or business) or taking it to their warehouse for storage until you’ll need them – depending on what you want.

If you don’t prefer the storage option, once the container is delivered to your new location, you’ll have to unload your items from it. You can hire moving labor services to help you out. Relocating with a moving container is a good alternative to hiring a full-service moving company. It’s also less expensive with a minimal amount of stress.

You can get free moving container quotes to figure out the cost of getting one and the appropriate size you’ll need for your move. You should also learn about the various benefits of relocating with moving containers to figure out if it’s right for you.

Good for: All kinds of moves. Locals and Interstates.

Pros: Move at your own pace. Great option for storage if you need to store your items for sometime before moving them to your new place.
Cons: You’ll have to do the loading and unloading yourself.

Moving Truck Rental

Renting a moving truck for your move is a good alternative to hiring a full-service moving company but you’ll end up doing most of the work. From packing to loading and driving the truck, it’s all on you. . So if you don’t mind doing it all yourself or asking your friends and family for help, renting a moving truck could be great option. 

This works especially well if you’re moving short distances and a studio or 1 bedroom apartment. Renting a moving truck can be considerably less costly when compared to full service moving. 

Note: If you’re moving interstate or cross country, you’ll need to rent a one-way truck, which can be quite expensive. So for interstate moves, definitely do a price comparison between the two.

Here’s a small life hack ..

If you do decide to rent a truck and go this route, you can make your life a bit easier by hiring local moving labor services at your origination and destination to help with loading and unloading. 

You can learn about moving truck rental sizes and how to choose the right one and here’s an ultimate guide to moving truck rentals. If you’re wondering about the costs of renting a moving truck, you can get free moving truck quotes from professional moving truck rental companies.

Good for: Local moves. Apartment or small home moves.

Pros: Cheapest option when compared to full service movers or hiring moving helpers.
Cons: You’ll need to do everything yourself, load, unload, drive and pay for gas and miles. You also run the risk of damaging your stuff, getting in an accident or getting a ticket on the way.

DIY Moving

The last but not the least is the method of moving that can be almost zero to no cost. Yes, there’s an option like that.

Do it all yourself!

Don’t rent a truck, don’t hire anyone, use your own pickup truck or SUV and ask your friends to help you load an unload.

Personally, I’ve used this method a few times when I was in college and didn’t have much stuff to move. So if you’re in that scenario or just don’t have much furniture or heavy items that need moving, this could be the way to go.

Keep in mind tho, if you invite people to help with your DIY move, you’ll be responsible for anything that is damaged during the process. If you or anyone is injured during the move, you may be responsible for their medical bills. DIY moving could turn out to be the most expensive option in the long run. 

Good for: Very small moves consisting of very light furniture or just boxes.

Pros: Little to no cost
Cons: Risk of damage to items and/or your car or truck

Keeping all these alternatives in mind, you should be able to decide without any hesitation which method to use. If you’d like to get quotes from a moving company for your move, you may do so here.