9 Signs It’s Time to Move Out of Your Parents’ House

9 Signs It’s Time to Move Out of Your Parents’ House

Some people can’t wait to move out on their own, and some aren’t quite sure about the right time. If you think about having your own home at all, chances are you’re ready.

Sure, finances are probably tight. That’s true for nearly everyone who takes the leap. But the benefits of living in your own house or apartment usually outweigh the ones that come from staying with your parents well into adulthood.

If you’re still unsure, here are 9 signs that you should pack up everything that you own and start a brand new life.

#1: You’re Seriously Lacking Life Skills

Living at home can mean that Mom or Dad do most of the household chores. If you’ve reached a certain age and still have no idea how to sort laundry or cook a good meal, you’ve stalled out. It’s time to launch and carve out those life skills that your parents learned decades ago.

#2: You’ve Got Yourself a Full-Time Job

One of the prime prerequisites for living on your own is the ability to support yourself. If you’ve got a full-time job, chances are you can swing it. You might not afford a home as nice as the one your parents have. But everyone starts somewhere.

#3: There’s just too much stuff for one little room

Your parents have stuff throughout their home. The TV is theirs, and so is all of the furniture. But what about your stuff? The older you get, the more belongings you’ll accumulate. If you have more things than you can fit comfortably within the confines of your childhood bedroom, it’s time to move them into your own digs.

#4: You’re spending too much time Commuting

We get it; living at home saves a lot of money on rent. But what about your time? If you moved out, you could find a home that’s much closer to where you work. Long commute times negate much of the benefit derived from staying put. Get a moving company quote at Mover Junction and move into a new place that’s closer to your place of work.

#5: Constantly having to hide things (Anything)

Is there anything about your life that you feel you need to hide from your parents? If so, your living arrangements probably need an update. You shouldn’t need parental approval to dye your hair purple, stay up until 3 a.m. binge watching your favorite series on Netflix, or playing whatever music that you like. In your own place, you’ll have the privacy that every adult deserves.

#6: Having to do chores that don’t seem to benefit you

Are you tired of being roused from a perfectly good Saturday morning sleep to mow the lawn? Do you cringe at the thought of washing up a load of supper dishes, hauling holiday decorations down from an attic or carrying someone else’s laundry to the washing machine? Everyone has chores. But there’s a point where chores should be on your own terms.

Move out of your parents house
This could be the time of your life.

#7: Always getting roped in to do Parents’ stuff

Tiptoeing in late at night and hoping to not wake your parents is awkward enough. But if you find your leisure time is more about Sudoku and Wheel of Fortune than going out with friends, you’re missing out on an important part of young life.

#8: Not being able to get that pet you want

Have you always wanted a dog or cat? Is your mom allergic? When you move into your own place, you’ll decide whether or not that sweet little furry face at the shelter belongs in your home. Just remember, you’ll also be the one leashing up Spot or scooping Fluffy’s litter box.

#9: You’re Over 30

Throughout your 20s, you can probably find plenty of reasons to live with your parents. But once you reach 30, most of those are no longer valid. You’re old enough to do anything that you want. You probably graduated from college a while ago. And if not, you still have a career. Furthermore, your parents likely moved out on their own well before the age of 30. Now it’s time for you to do the same.

Launching from the parental nest takes a lot of courage, no matter your age. But nearly everyone does it. It’s expensive and it can be confusing. But in most cases, independence is absolutely worth it.

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