7 Questions To Ask Auto Shipping Companies Before Hiring

7 Questions To Ask Auto Shipping Companies Before Hiring

Hiring an auto shipping companies to ship your vehicle when you’re moving can make your relocation less stressful. Besides, its one easy way to make sure your car arrive your new home in one piece.

But how exactly can you find and hire the right auto shipping company?

You can start by asking the right questions and screening the auto shipping companies you’ve shortlisted based on how they respond to your questions.

But what exactly should you ask about?

7 Questions to ask auto shipping companies before hiring any

1. How do you calculate your rates?

Auto shipping costs are determined by several different factors including the type and size of your vehicle, the distance the vehicle would be shipped, and the auto shipping option you pick.

Here are some of the key things auto shippers consider before calculating rates:

Shipping Option – If you want your vehicle to be shipped on an enclosed trailer, you’ll have to pay more than having it shipped through an open trailer. Make sure you consider these 8 things you should never do before shipping your car.

Distance –  You’d pay more if your vehicle is shipped across state lines or international borders, compared to having it shipped within state boundaries.

Vehicle type – If you intend to ship a SUV or any other large vehicle like trucks or vans, you’ll have to pay more compared to shipping a compact car. Also, you may have to pay more to ship non-running vehicles.

2. Do you provide free quotes?

You shouldn’t pay to get auto shipping quotes. Ask the auto shipping companies you’ve shortlisted if they provide free shipping quotes and get as many as you can from different shippers. One easy place to start is MoverJunction.com. You can get up to 6 free auto shipping quotes instantly from licensed and BBB rated auto shipping companies.

3. Is your company registered and licensed?

Auto shipping companies that transport vehicles across state lines are mandated by the FMCSA to register for a USDOT Number. Also, international carriers are mandated to obtain a license from the Federal Maritime Commission. Make sure the auto shipping company you intend to hire is registered and licensed as required by law.

4. What’s your insurance policy?

auto shipping companies
Before signing any deal with any auto shipping company, ask about their standard shipping insurance options

Your car insurance policy won’t cover your vehicle while its being shipped by an auto shipping company. Your personal car insurance policy can only cover your vehicle when it is parked or being driven. The FMCSA mandates every auto shipping company to provide minimal coverage. But based on the worth of your car, that coverage may not be enough.

Before signing any deal with any auto shipping company, ask about their standard shipping insurance options and the cost of buying additional insurance. Also, you can buy shipping insurance from your car insurance company.

5. How should i prepare my vehicle for auto shipping?

You’ll have to clean your car thoroughly and remove all irrelevant items before shipping. Ask the auto shipping company for its policy about preparing vehicles for shipping. Even more, you can learn how to do it better by reading these 10 tips for preparing your car for auto transport.

6. How will you ship my vehicle?

There are several auto transport options you can pick from. Find out from your auto shippers how you vehicle will be shipped. Some auto shipping companies use auto transport trucks with options such as enclosed trailers, open-air trailer, multi-vehicle and single-vehicle.

Some companies provide the option of shipping by train, by plane, or by boat. Ask about the cost of each option and pick the best for your vehicle.

7. When will my vehicle be delivered?

How soon your can will arrive can depend on the shipping option you picked, the shipping distance and the location where you want it delivered. Regardless of all these, ask the shipping company how long it will take to have your car shipped to where you want. It will be easier for you to plan ahead, buy insurance and carefully weigh other things you need to consider before shipping your car.