Auto Insurance and Other Things You Need to Consider Before Shipping Your Car

Auto Insurance and Other Things You Need to Consider Before Shipping Your Car

If you intend to hire auto-movers to ship your vehicle to your desired destination, then insurance should be among the top items on your list. While shipped vehicles are often delivered at the intended destination in the same condition it was at the point of origin, the possibilities of damages should not be overlooked.

And whether such damages are minor or major, it’s crucial for you not to be the one paying for the fixing. As such, before you hand over your vehicle to auto-movers, make sure it’s properly covered.

Auto-Moving Insurance Options

Only a few auto-moving insurance options exist. Find out which offers the most protection within your budget and then opt for it. However, by law, your auto-moving company is expected to have some insurance to cover your vehicle. The degree of insurance varies by shipping companies. Don’t conclude on assumption that shippers will cover everything. Ask your auto-shippers for details about their insurance cover.

Some auto-shippers may provide increased coverage at higher prices.  Ensure you get a paper copy of the auto-shipper’s insurance policy. You’ll need this as evidence of their coverage, should any dispute occur later on. Also, if they offer any guarantees or promises about their services, make sure you have them in writing.

Additionally, your own auto-insurance company may provide some protection for shipping. Contact your insurance provider to find out. If their insurance coverage is better than what the shipping company is offering, then you’re already in a good position.

Finally, you may decide to go with an independent auto insurance company to protect your vehicle while it’s in transit.  You can consider this short term insurance to protect everything or just the things your auto insurance or shipping company won’t cover. For instance if neither of your auto insurance company or the shipper covers tire damage, you may buy independent insurance to protect that.


Once you have the insurance part covered, its time to check off a few more things to make sure your auto transport goes smooth.


The Inspection

Your auto-shippers will subject your vehicle to thorough inspection before shipping it. Make sure you’re present for this. Consider taking photos of your car condition. Make sure your auto shipper sign off that your evaluation of your vehicle is accurate.

The assessment process will be repeated at the point of your vehicle delivery. If you observe any new damage to your vehicle, you’ll have the photo as proof along with the shipper’s signature as evidence in case they refused to fulfill your claim.

Personal Belongings

Ensure you take out any personal effects and other irrelevant debris from the inside of your car.

Many people think they can stuff their cars with boxes and other items that they need to save moving cost. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Auto shippers will not be liable for any items that are damaged or loss or any damage those items may cause for the interior of your vehicle.  For this reason, many of them will require your car be empty before shipping.


Regardless of whom you opt for to cover your vehicle while it’s been shipped, ensure you have hard copies of all the paperwork involved. This should include the bill of lading, insurance policy, and all other documents concerning the move. All these documents are crucial if you intend to file a claim for any damage done to your vehicle.

Knowledge is your best bet in terms of opting for auto-shipping insurance. Ensure you carry out as much research as possible before you opt for any auto-shipping company. The more you are aware of the coverage your vehicle will get, the lesser the chance will be that you’ll eventually pay for any damage at the end.