6 Factors to Consider Before Finalizing a Moving Date

6 Factors to Consider Before Finalizing a Moving Date

Will the moving date I choose make any difference to my moving cost?

We get asked this question all the time. The short answer is YES.

The moving date you chose can influence your entire move positively or negatively. Before you settle for any specific moving date, you need to ask yourself some practical and very relevant questions. These questions will act as a checklist for selecting the most appropriate and convenient moving date at the right cost.

Factors that’ll affect your Moving Date

1.  Your Rental Lease Agreement

Don’t lose your moving deposit. Make sure you check when your lease is over.

If you are renting a house or an apartment, make sure you check your lease agreement before finalizing a date to move. Confirm that your house is ready to move in and the landlord is aware of the date you are setting just to avoid any confusion.

Rental properties are especially strict when it comes to moving in or out, as they need to have the home properly ready for you. There could’ve been someone living in the house before and property owners need time to have them move out then paint and fix the property for the next tenants.

2.  Buying or Selling of your House

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Its wise to wait till you have a set closing date to book a mover.

Buying a new house is among the top 5 reasons people move. And unless you’re a first time home buyer, chances are you’ll be selling your old house as well. Selecting a moving date is especially tricky if you intend to buy a new home before you put up the current one for sale. Your closing date can change based on a lot of factors, so make sure you don’t book a mover before you know for sure when you’ll be able to move in.

Movers generally require a deposit to book your move and in case you dates change, chances are you might lose that deposit. Its better to wait till you know for sure.

3.  Job Start Date

If you’re relocating because of a new job on you will want to know the exact date when you are supposed to show up for your first day. Once you know the date, only then you should move ahead and book a moving company.  It’s advisable to give yourself a week or so before you need to join work so you can settle in properly and don’t have to rush.

Selecting a moving date that is too close to your join date can cause agitation as the stress of moving may reflect in your work habit. You wouldn’t want to resume on a new job by putting the wrong foot forward and creating a wrong impression. Think ahead and set your moving day at least one or two weeks before your new job join date.

4.  School Start Dates

Try and complete your move atleast a few days before the school starts to give your kids time to settle in.

School start-dates should be at the top of your consideration list if you have a kids. Consider how the move may affect or influence your child’s performance in school due to change of environment and friends. If possible, you should consider an end of the school year move and not a mid-year move. Take a careful look at the school calendar before making up your mind on the date you want.

5.  Holidays & Events

Relocation before a key event such as a personal birthday or a public event such as Christmas or Easter would not be a smart decision as one of the essences of such event is celebrating with close friends and family. However, moving after a major holiday would be a wise decision as it gives you the opportunity of spending some time with your friends and family and announcing your move in a big way.       

6.  Seasonal factors

The time of the year you decide to move may influence your choice of moving date.


The awesome weather of summer makes it the busiest moving season, for obvious reasons. If you intend to move during summer, do your research as early as possible and book your preferred mover well in advance, so many people move during this season.

Many of the most reputable movers are often understaffed during summer due to the high number of relocations and the company may be compelled to hire students as inexperienced crews. Make sure you start planning your move early to get several moving date choices.


Moving during winter is cheaper than summer but it exposes the mover and your household items to certain risks. Settling for a moving date any moment from September to mid-May will substantially reduce your moving expenses. Also, you will enjoy the benefit of working with an experienced moving crew at the most suitable time for you.

Nonetheless, the unpredictable nature of the weather during the winter makes it a risky period for moving. Sometimes, the moving truck may be caught up in a snowstorm and delayed as transportation turns out to be extremely difficult. Some of your household belongings may damage if it freezes and thaw in transit. Weigh your options carefully before you decide to move during winter.

Now that you know all the factors that can affect your moving date, check out our article on what is the best time to move. If you think you’re ready, start by getting some free quotes from moving companies in your area.