5 Reasons To Change Your Real Estate Agent When you’re Selling Your Home

5 Reasons To Change Your Real Estate Agent When you’re Selling Your Home

Sometimes we make mistakes. And one of the worst real estate mistakes anyone can make is to choose the wrong listing agent to put their home on the market. Perhaps you chose that one real estate agent who promise to sell your home at a very high price and agree to accept the lowest commission rate.

You thought the listing agent is your dream agent, so you signed a contract with a bright smile all over your face. But right now your home has been in the market for so long that you’re wondering if the building is invisible or if someone had cast a spell on your home.

In many cases, all you have to do is break up with your listing agent. But this is not as easy as it seems. Since you’re the seller and not the buyer, breaking up with your listing agent could be difficult because you must have signed a listing agreement.

While some agents will let you out of the agreement if you’re not happy with their performance, others wouldn’t allow that so you’ll have to wait till the end of the contract. Either way, if you’re wondering how to determine the right time to change your listing agent, there are tell tale signs for you to lookout for.

5 Signs You Need To Replace Your Real Estate Agent

1. You’re not kept in the loop

You should never be in the dark about whats happening to your home on the market. If your real estate agent only reach out to you to ask for a price reduction, then he’s under performing. Under normal circumstances, you should receive weekly reports about the status of your home.

You real estate agent should update you on whatever is happening to your listing on the market, how many views its getting on each website and how much interested buyers are offering. See the key things to consider before choosing a listing agent.

2. The real estate agent didn’t provide any marketing plan

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If the price of your home is higher than similar homes in your area, it may be in the market longer than the others.

Putting a house on the market goes beyond listing it on real estate websites and multiple listing services (MLS). Your real estate agent should provide a complete marketing plan. The marketing plan may include key things like creating a web page for your house with all the key specifications, sending out post cards, promoting your house on social media and holding open houses.

Ask your real estate agent for your home’s marketing plan. If there is none, you may consider looking for another agent.

3. Your agent is not reaching out to you at the right time

If you have to wait several hours or days to get a reply from your agent, chances are you’re doing business with the wrong person. Your agent shouldn’t be too busy to reply your text or give you a call. If your agent keeps giving you excuses for poor communication, its time for you to start looking elsewhere.

4. Your agent’s offer is too good to be true

If the price tag your real estate agent places on your home is too good to be true, odds are it is. If your home has been on the market for too long without any realistic offer, then you should have a word with your agent.

Before slamming a price tag on your home, your agent ought to conduct a comparative market analysis. Your agent will evaluate your home and compare it with similar recently sold or listed homes in your areas.

If the price tag your agent placed on your home is unnecessarily higher than similar homes in your area, odds are your home will be on the market longer than the others. But as soon as you’re aware that your home price is higher than similar homes for no reason, consider a listing agent that’ll be realistic with you.

5. Your home listing doesn’t look as good as others

One of the key responsibilities of your real estate agent is to market your home. And the internet is a good place to start the marketing. If the photos of your home that appear online are blur or of poor quality, it will be overlooked easily. If you find poor pictures of your home online or poor descriptions, then its time to change your listing agent.

 With the right listing agent, selling your home shouldn’t be a mountain to climb. When you’re ready to move into a new home, you can plan your move with us, its 100 percent free. Request for free moving quotes to get started.

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