5 Moving Mistakes You Should Never Make

5 Moving Mistakes You Should Never Make

I’m sure you’ve heard people say moving is stressful. It is even more stressful if you make some poor decisions that can leave you frustrated. Just one moving mistake can ruin an entire moving plan and make most of your efforts seem inadequate.

Thankfully, you’re not the first person in the United States to have a move. So you have the chance to learn from the mistakes of others and avoid repeating any of those mistakes when you’re moving. Here are some of the most common mistakes you should avoid during a relocation:

5 Common Moving Mistakes To Avoid

1. Not downsizing

Why should you pay a moving company to help you move items you no longer need? 

You can cut your moving cost by 40 percent or more by simply clearing out clutter before you move. Chances are you’ve accumulated several items over the years and some of them are no longer relevant or useful. Items such as old gadgets, old clothes, old appliances, that broken guitar that goes off key whenever you’re playing it or that old fridge that wouldn’t make it to a yard sale for $5.

Before you start packing, consider sifting through your belongings to determine what is worth moving and what is not.  Some of these items you no longer need can be good enough for a yard sale and you can make some extra cash to pay for your moving cost. Here are top 5 yard sale mobile apps to help you declutter while moving.

2. Not packing appropriately

If you packed your household items all by yourself and you didn’t do it the right way, odds are you’ll have so many damaged items when the move is completed. Since packing is one of the most stressful aspects of moving, you should start packing several weeks before your scheduled moving day.

You’ll have to buy moving supplies including sturdy boxes, bubble wraps, packing tapes and packing paper. Pack heavy items in smaller boxes and light-weight items such as clothes in bigger boxes. Tape the underside of all your boxes to prevent your heavy items from falling through the bottom. Learn how to pack easily by reading these professional packing tips to help you pack  easily. But there are some items you shouldn’t pack by yourself. You’ll have to invite an expert to help you pack such items.

3. Not labeling your boxes

moving mistake
Label your moving boxes on all sides and indicate what side should be up.

While packing, you should think about how to unpack easily and prevent your delicate items from damages when you arrive your new home. One useful method to make your unpacking absolutely easy is to label all your moving boxes appropriately.

But too many people make the mistake of not labeling their moving boxes. If you make such mistake, it may take you several days or weeks to find just one specific item when you arrive your new home.

You can make your unpacking absolutely easier by labeling your moving boxes on all sides. Indicate which room you’ll want each box to end up, the content inside the the box and what part of the box should be up. For instance, a label on a box can be “Kitchen Cups” “Fragile, this side up” with an arrow indicating what side should be up.

4. Not buying additional insurance

Moving companies are only mandated to pay just 60 cents per pound per article known as Released Value Protection. You should play safe by buying additional insurance to cover your items. You should consider buying Full Value Insurance, which will hold the moving company liable for compensating you with the full cash value of the lost item, or to replace the broken or damaged item with a similar one.

5. Not checking the inventory thoroughly

Don’t be in a hurry to sign the inventory sheet. Double check your items to make sure nothing is missing or damaged before signing the inventory sheet. If any of your items is damaged or broken, make sure the moving crew is aware. Also, do not make the mistake of discarding any damaged or broken item, it’ll be easier for you to build a case when you have an evidence. Learn more about how to file claims for lost or damaged items during a move.

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