5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Picking a Moving Company

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Picking a Moving Company

1. Neglecting to get a written, binding contract.

Protect yourself and your prized belongings by having everything in a written contract. Movers should not hesitate in giving you one. Ask the moving company for a binding price-not-to-exceed contract to make sure you don’t end up paying higher than you were quoted.

2. Filling out forms on multiple Moving Quotes websites and getting bombarded with phone calls.

Time and again we hear complaints about people getting bombarded with phone calls and emails from movers. There are several moving quotes websites available today, each providing anywhere from 3-10 quotes per form. The more forms you fill out, the more calls you will get. Don’t let this happen to you. Fill out our free moving quotes form and get contacted by upto 6 moving companies.

3. Waiting till the last minute to search for moving companies.

Don’t wait till the last minute to start searching for moving companies. Moving is a stressful experience but you can simplify it by giving yourself ample time to do your research and finding the right moving company.

4. Getting a quote from only ONE mover.

The whole idea behind MoverJunction.com is to provide its customers with moving quotes from multiple relocation companies. This way you have competing moving quotes and can decide which one suits you the best. Don’t just depend on a single quote. Shop around. Remember: WHEN MOVERS COMPETE FOR YOUR BUSINESS …YOU WIN!

5. Accepting the lowest moving quote as the best deal.

This is the biggest mistake people make when choosing a mover. Cheapest doesn’t necessarily mean BEST. Over the years, working in the moving industry, we’ve heard several horror stories about customer choosing a mover simply because they were the cheapest and later getting stuck paying higher prices or having their belongings held ransom. Solution: Try to focus on movers whose estimates a closer to each other.

Industry experts at MoverJunction.com have put their collective experience together to bring a vast network of registered and reputable movers and auto shippers at your service. So you don’t need to go thru the hassel of calling several companies.

Just fill out one online moving quotes form and get contacted by upto 6 service providers.