10 Moving Supplies To Provide When You Hire Moving Labor

10 Moving Supplies To Provide When You Hire Moving Labor

Why is moving so stressful?

Moving is stressful because of all the workload you’ll have to take care of. But you can reduce that workload by hiring moving labor to help you get most of the job done.

Hiring moving labor is one of the easiest methods of easing moving stress.

The moving labor crew can help you with packing your household goods, loading them into the moving truck, unloading the goods at your new home and they can help you unpack if you want.

Request for free moving labor quotes so you’ll know what to expect before hiring any.

But when you hire moving labor, what moving supplies should you provide?

Moving supplies to provide when you hire moving labor

1. Mattress Bags

Its important to keep your mattresses clean during the move. You should consider buying a mattress bag for each of the mattresses and box spring you intend to move.

You can get mattress bags from home improvement stores, moving supply stores, moving company, truck rental company or from the moving labor company you hire.

2. Furniture Pads/Blankets

One easy way to prevent your furniture from any dent, ding or scratches is to provide pads for the moving labor. Pads are not expensive and you can rent them from your freight company, POD or truck rental company.

But if you can’t get pads or blankets from any of these companies, you should consider buying the pads or blankets to protect your furniture from damages.

3. Moving Boxes

box box

Moving boxes are some of the most important moving supplies you should provide for the moving labor you hire.

If you don’t like cardboard boxes, you should consider plastic moving boxes and you can get them from these 5 companies.

The moving labor company you hire can provide the cardboard moving boxes at a cost or you can get the boxes for them.

4. Plastic Wrap/Shrink Wrap

Some cloth furniture can easily get dirty during the frenzy of packing. Shrink wrap is one of the moving supply your moving labor can use to protect your loveseats and couches.

They can use it to secure furniture pads to larger household goods too. If you’re looking to buy shrink wraps, get a size that is no less than 15″ wide as the rolls are often 1000′-1500′.

5. Tie Down Straps

If you intend to use a freight moving company or a moving storage container you should consider getting tie down straps as they are often more effective than ropes. Tie down straps will hold your household goods together while in transit.

6. Appliance Dolly  and Hand Trucks

hand-truck-564242_1280An appliance dolly is a moving equipment designed to make moving heavy household appliances easier. Dollies have an ‘L’ shape and they are similar to a hand truck.

Some dollies are for moving boxes and items like furniture while others are suited for large appliances.

You can rent an appliance dolly from your local truck rental company to make it easier for your moving labor to move large and bulky appliances.

7. Ropes

While its not always necessary to use ropes, you can have some ropes handy on the moving day just in case your moving labor needs them. The ropes can be used to secure household goods while loading the moving truck. You should consider having a having 1/4″ nylon rope, they are often very useful.

8. Carpet Protection/Floor Runner

During unloading, its important for the moving labor to keep the floors of your new home clean. A carpet protection, furniture pad or floor runner can ensure that your floor stay clean during the unloading and unpacking.

 9. Bubble Wraps

Bubble wrap is one of the most useful moving supplies you can provide for the moving labor you hire. They’ll need the Bubble wrap for cushioning some of your delicate and fragile items. Moving labor know exactly how to use the bubble wraps and the items to use the wraps for.

10. Labeling Stickers

Labeling stickers are among the moving supplies that are often overlooked. Its important to label all your moving boxes on all sides and indicate the room you want each box to end up. This is one task your moving labor can perform to make unloading and unpacking your household items easier.