10 Most Frequently Damaged Items During A Move

10 Most Frequently Damaged Items During A Move

How can you protect your valuables from damaging when you’re moving?

One of the downsides of moving is that you could end up with a bunch of damaged valuable items – and some of such items could be irreplaceable. But if you knew what items are more vulnerable to damages, chances are you’ll take very good care of such items.

You should pay extra attention to any of the frequently damaged items during a move to avoid the stress of filing claims, chasing insurance companies, or lawsuits. But what are these items? Let’s find out!

Most Frequently Damaged Items During A Move

#1. Sport Equipment

Sporting equipment can be a wonderful piece in the hands of a talented athlete. But they can be too tricky for a moving labor helper to handle. If your child loves sport or perhaps you do, chances are you’ll have one more sporting equipment to move on the moving day.

Sport equipment is one of the most frequently damaged items during a move.
Sporting equipment often damage easily in the hands of moving labor helpers.

Sporting equipment such as racket, shuttle, pole and boards, mask, sword, bicycle helmets, skates, ski poles, boots, etc. can be damaged all to easily during a relocation. You should consider moving your sporting equipment in your personal car to prevent damages to any of the piece.

#2. Pottery

Pottery is one of the most frequently damaged items during a move. But the more properly protected your potteries are, the higher their chances of surviving the relocation. As such, carefully pack your potteries and label them accordingly for the move.

Pottery is one of the most frequently damaged items during a move.
Don’t forget to wrap your pottery in lots of padding to prevent damage while in transit.

Wrap your pottery with lots of padding; you can use old clothes as a layer of cushioning or bubble wrap properly secured with packing tape. Be careful while packing your pottery though, you may end up packing it too tightly and increase the risk of damage. Ensure your wrappings are relatively simple for easy unwrapping to avoid damage at your destination.

#3. Art

Most arts are rare and expensive and one of a kind. Art pieces are often awkward and delicate to pack and move. Also, Canvases don’t look really good with a hole in them and broken frames can result to costly tears.

Artworks are among the most frequently damaged items during a move.
Genuine artworks are too expensive to be taken for granted during relocation.

Nonetheless, if you intend to pack and move a lot of arts or highly valuable pieces, consider hiring an art transport company. They will oversee the entire move from start to finish. Also consider insuring your art for the move if you’re yet to do so. All arts must be marked “Fragile” and indicating “Art” will make the handler more cautious when handling the item.

#4. Glassware

Glassware is fragile and can damage easily if not properly handled. If you want your glassware to survive your relocation in one piece then it must be properly protected. To protect your glassware and china, first you need the right size of box not carrying more than 4kg. Wrap each of the glassware separately for protection and ensure they don’t come in contact with other items.

Glass ware is one of the most frequently damaged items during a move.
Packing glassware appropriately can prevent them from damages throughout the move.

Give each of the items lots of layering and padding. Carefully pack your glassware separately from the rest of other items. Don’t forget to label any box with glassware or china as “Fragile” and indicate what side should be up. Test boxes to ensure the items it contains are not jostling, if it does add more padding. It’s easy to damage glassware but it costs some amount to replace especially if it’s sentimental or rare.

#5. Furniture

They come in different shapes and sizes. Oddly shaped, bulky, expensive or cheap furniture pieces are often damaged during a move. One of the most common causes of furniture damage during a move is not getting enough help either at the point of origin or delivery.

Furniture is one of the most frequently damaged items during a move.
The weight of furniture makes them difficult to lift and one of the casualties of relocation.

Aside from been heavy and having an awkward shape, furniture are not easy to move. Make sure you get enough helping hands to avoid damaging any part of your furniture and injuring yourself in the process. If you can’t handle your furniture, you may consider hiring packers.

#6. Plants   

Plants are living things and must be treated as such if you want them to arrive in one piece at your new destination. Plants are often one of the casualties of relocation due to improper care during the move. Your plants should always be among the first items to unpack after the move.

Plants are one of the most frequently damaged items during a move.
Don’t lose your beautiful plants just because you’re moving.

If you’re making a long-distance or an interstate move find out about laws and regulations about moving plants into such state. If you have many plants to move, consider hiring experts to do the job.

#7. Mirror and Frames

Mirrors and frames are among the most frequently damaged items during a move. They break very easily at the slightest mistakes. So how exactly should you pack these items when you’re moving? Pack your mirrors in boxes of its same size. If you can’t find the right moving box side for your mirrors and frames, you can improvise by making one out of other boxes.

Make sure you fill the bottom of the boxes with packing paper or cushioning to the edge. After that, wrap the mirror with layers of bubble wraps or paper and then carefully fill the front and back of the mirrors with lots of paper. Make sure your mirrors and frames are transported vertically and not horizontally.

#8. Electronics

Electrical appliances such as TV set, home theaters, computer system are some of the most frequently damaged items during a move. To prevent damages, use the original packing boxes of your electrical appliances.

Electronics are among the most frequently damaged items during a move.
Many electrical appliances are fragile and must be handle with care during relocation.

If you no longer have the original boxes, look for alternatives. Detach and pack the cords of the devices separately. Do not allow  any item to be placed at the top of the boxes that contains electrical appliances.

Nonetheless, if you intend to move your plants yourself, you should stop watering the plants few days before the move to make them lighter to transport. If you intend to use boxes, ensure you drill holes in the boxes to give the plants chance to breathe. Use ties or bags to separate each plant from the other and safeguard loose branches from breaking.

#9. Bottle Collection

Bottles are among the most frequently damaged items during a move. If you have a wine inventory, you’ll have to consider what to pack and move and what to leave behind. If moving the inventory will be more expensive than collecting new ones, I’l suggest you give them out to friends, neighbors or colleagues. But if you have an expensive or rare collection, consider insuring them right before the move.

Bottles are among the most frequently damaged items during a move.
Are you sure you want to lose your wine collection just because you’re moving?

In order to pack your bottle collections appropriately, get a cell box from a liquor or wine store. Wrap each of the bottle in packing paper before carefully placing it inside the cell box. The cell box will prevent the bottle from shifting while in transit.

#10. China Wares and Plates

China wares and plates damage all too easily during packing or while in transit. But you can prevent this, because now you know its one of the most frequently damaged items during a move.

China is one of the most frequently damaged items during a move.
You can still have your China, even after you’ve moved.

Wrap your China wares individually by using plain packing paper. another option is to use bubble wraps. Make sure each piece is packed appropriately to avoid shifting and damage while in transit.

You can prevent damages to any of your household items by hiring full service moving company or moving labor helpers. Let us provide you free moving quotes to help you get started.