Top 5 Moving Companies to Move in 2021

Top 5 Moving Companies to Move in 2021

We’ve researched moving companies and have narrowed down 5 top-rated moving companies in the US.

Here is everything you need to know about a mover before you pick it.

The top 5 picks to move your home in 2021

Compare Long-distance Moving Companies

Company NameLocal and long distance movingResidential and CommercialAuto shipping
Eagle Moving GroupYesYesNo
All Moving USALong distance onlyYesYes
Empire Moving GroupLocal and long distance movingYesYes
24 x7 Logistic ServicesYesYesNo
Nationwide Moving ServicesYesYesYes

What should you look for while hiring a long-distance moving company?

Before you hire a moving company, confirm it is verified and licensed as the security of your belongings needs to be the priority. Check the BBB website to know its certification details.

While you receive a long-distance moving quote, confirm whether it is a binding estimate or not. Unless you receive a binding one, the mover can hike the cost without knowing you, on a moving day. Agree to a quote when it is written the term ‘binding’ on it.

The mover you hire needs to have a clean track record and shouldn’t have changed the names in the past. Read the customer reviews online to learn about the quality of services. You’ll know the expertise to handle special items, punctuality, pricing and cancellation policies, and its approach towards the customers. The positive feedback from experienced customers gives a nod to go ahead with the mover. However, more negative comments mean you should drop the plan to hire the moving company.

The moving company’s coverage plans also speak about its concern towards customers. Every reputed moving company will have basic liability coverage and though that doesn’t work much against items broken or lost, it shows how much a company cares for your belongings.

There’s a lot more about hiring a moving company but let us first know the top-rated movers in detail. Read more about hiring a moving company on MoverJunction

Eagle Moving Group

  • MC Number: 01185070
  • DOT Number: 3545015

Eagle Moving Company is specialized in moving fragile and special items across the country. The wide range of services to move both office and residential belongings within a budget is the major plus of the company. When you have to move a large volume of stuff assign Eagle the task.

Based on your requirement, storage facility services are also available. When you need a moving company with a robust reputation and spotless track record to move the family or business, Eagle Moving Group is your best choice.

Cheaper average long-distance moving cost Reports of movers showing up late
Free moving estimate No shipment tracking
Secure storage servicesPhones not answered at times
Specialized in moving fragile items 
Well-equipped fleet 
Pros and Cons of Eagle Moving Company

Tip: Want to ship a car?

While moving cross-country, driving the car is not a good option. Let an auto moving company take your car to the new home. Learn more about auto moving here.

All Moving USA

  • MC Number: 992460
  • DOT Number: 2936759
  • Company type: Brokerage

All Moving USA is an American stalwart with a presence across the country and you can pick this mover when the safety of your goods is the priority. With good experience in moving both homes and offices, the company knows more than one or two things about moving your belongings across the length and breadth of the US. It has been ranked as one of the best movers in the US and has an extensive network of highly professional agents countrywide.

The staff is courteous and punctuality is the mantra of All Moving USA. It doesn’t charge extra for packing materials and no date change penalties also exist.

Full platinum pack for faster and safer packingOnly long-distance services are available
More than 500 moves per monthLengthy quote process
No date change penalty 
30-day free storage service 
Quilt blankets to wrap furniture 
Accepts credit cards
Pros and cons of All Moving USA

Empire Moving Group

  • MC Number: 1048622
  • DOT Number: 3304546
  • Company type: Brokerage

A licensed moving brokerage firm, Empire moving Group promises affordable relocation of homes and offices, both locally and long-distance. It strives to be with you from the start to the end and ensures that every belonging at your home, including fragile ones, are reached safely. To protect the fragile items, the company wraps them into quilt blankets.

Accommodates last-minute moving plans Last minute disassembling/reassembling furniture is chargeable
Personalized estimates availableNo storage service 
Moving date changes acceptableUpfront deposits range from 10%–50% of total cost
Quilt wraps for fragile itemsReports of delayed delivery
Pros and cons of Empire moving Group

24 x7 Logistic Services

  • MC Number: 026561
  • DOT Number: 3005919

Despite being a younger member of the industry, 24×7 Logistic Services is one of the prominent local and long-distance moving companies in the US. Whether it is family or business, 24×7 Logistic Services ensure the smooth transit of your things without causing any damage. With a professional, tight-knit crew, the mover fosters relationships and builds trust, which helped it become a sought-after mover in a short span. As 24×7 Logistic Services put it – customer satisfaction is its priority and when you want to give a professional touch to your moving plan, 24×7 Logistic Services is the name to bank on.

Competitive pricingVery new in the industry
Customer-focused serviceNo sample pricing available 
Safe and vaults to store valuables during transitSome reviews complain poor communication
Storage facility available 
Military moving consultants at every branch 
Pros and cons of 24×7 Logistic Services

Tip: Need a storage unit?

When your new home lacks space or you require creating additional space at the present home, shift a part of the belongings to a storage unit. You can learn about storage units here.

Nationwide Moving Services

Nationwide Moving Services is specialized in coordinating local, interstate, and long-distance moving for families and corporate. It delivers your belongings, be it how fragile or heavy, across the length and breadth of the country.

Nationwide Moving Services promises to keep the interruption level of moving to a minimum as it considers every aspect of moving including the disassembling of furniture. With spacious, modern, and clean trucks, your items are always safe throughout the journey. The professional team handles every fragile item with extra care till it reaches the destination.

Trained team to handle special itemsQuotes may take longer
Storage facility available Non responsive customer service
Moves both home and officeNo shipment tracking
Agents across the country 
Pros and Cons of Nationwide Moving Services

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to identify a good moving company?

A good moving company scores primarily on two factors – the quality of services and cost transparency. Online customer reviews will help you understand the quality of services it delivers. Customers would post their experiences related to the mover, both good and bad.

Issues they faced with timing, hidden costs, or unruly behavior will be there and you can make decisions based on them. Similarly, when you see more comments based on price issues, such as increasing the cost without informing a client or charging extra for petty issues, the best way is to drop the plan to hire the company.

While a few moving companies offer a minimum of services (limited to packing and loading services), there are companies with unlimited services, including add-ons, such as special packing services for pianos. Always go for a good combo of services as too many can make your moving cost exorbitant.

In simple words, a good moving company is one you can trust with every aspect of moving.

Tip: Got an office move?
Have you got an office to move to? If you’re moving an office for the first time, you may have many questions. To learn more about it, read here about office move

Should I hire a moving company?

This is one of the common questions that everyone asks while planning to move. For first-timers, moving is an easy job that could be done within just an hour or two. What they fail to understand is that moving requires extreme patience and physical effort. Even minor mistakes can cause serious injuries or damage your items. Despite you having moved multiple times, hiring a moving company would be the safe bet. This promises protection to both you and your belongings.

If cost is the factor that dissuades you from hiring a professional company, you are on the wrong track. There are many ways to negotiate with a moving company. You can learn about the tricks to negotiate with a mover on MoverJunction’s moving guide.

What is a moving broker?

A moving broker coordinates your moving. When you hire a moving broker company, it arranges for the transportation of your belongings. A moving brokerage company will get you another moving company that has the tools and labor to provide a moving truck and team to help you in your move.

It is more like a sales team for the actual moving company that finally moves your home.

Should a mover visit my home to give the final cost estimate?

A moving representative visiting your home will have an accurate account of the belongings and this helps in giving the accurate quote. This reduces the chances of unhealthy discussions related to the cost on the final day. It is always good to have a representative at the home before you receive the final moving estimate.

Do interstate movers follow a policy on minimum size requirements?

There is no common rule book on minimum size requirements. However, most moving companies have a minimum size requirement of 1,000 pounds. This would be roughly 40 medium-sized moving boxes or a small studio worth of household goods.

In summer, a few movers increase their minimum size to 2,000 or even 3,500lbs, which is equivalent to the average weight of a one-bedroom apartment.

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