What You Ought To Know About Moving Agents And Their Responsibilities

What You Ought To Know About Moving Agents And Their Responsibilities

Why would anyone need a moving agent during a relocation, when you can just hire a moving company?

Well, many moving agents work with moving companies and as soon as you hire a mover, they’ll assign a moving agent to help you with your relocation. Though, some moving agents work independently and they connect people to different moving companies based on requests.

So, when you’re relocating, chances are you’d work with at least one moving agent. The job of the agent would be to make your move easier. As expected, the agent will assist you with key logistics about your move and  work as liaison between you and the moving company you’ve hired.

While moving agents can help with any type of move, their services  are mostly required during a long distance move. But all moving agents are not exactly the same and their services depends on your type of move.

The 4 Different Types of Moving Agents And What They Specialize On

The Booking Agent

The booking agent is often the first agent you’ll have to do business with during a relocation. This agent could be someone working for the moving company you hire or a moving expert working independently.

This agent is responsible for telling you about all the moving services available, giving you an estimate of your moving cost as well as filling out all the pre-move documents.

This agent will work with you to agree on the date and time for your relocation. The booking agent is responsible for ensuring that your move works out as planned  and assigns duties to the moving crew on the moving day.

The Origin Agent

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Moving agents are always happy to help you have a stress-free move.

The origin agent is responsible for planning how to pick up your household items from your home. But this responsibility is somewhat related to the duties of the Booking Agent and sometimes just one agent could handle both.

The origin agent will specifically plan and arrange the precise details of the key aspects of the move like working closely with you to discuss the moving cost and how payment should be made.

Also, the origin agent will prepare the bill of lading and other necessary documents. Even more, the origin agent is responsible for determining the time frames for packing, loading, shipping, unloading, and unpacking your household items.

If you intend to use a self storage unit for some or all of your household items, the origin agent can help you plan for it at the point of origin.

In the event of any problem on the moving day, the origin agent can advise the booking agent as well as the moving company’s customer representative on how to settle the dispute amicably.

The Destination Agent

The destination agent is responsible for taking good care of your household items as they arrive your new home. If you’re having a long distance or an international move, the destination agent will be responsible for hiring moving labor to unload and unpack your household items.

Should you need storage units close to your new home, the destination agent can assist with making all necessary arrangements. Even more, this agent is responsible for resolving any problem that may arise at your new home.

Once all your items are delivered, the destination agent would sign all necessary paperwork and close the move.

The Freight Agent

The freight agent will make sure all your household items are shipped across the sea and delivered in one piece.

The freight agent is responsible for the transporting of your household goods by ship. The core responsibility of a freight agent is to oversee and supervise the freight shipment.

This agent will collect relevant information about the freight and pick the best method for shipping it. The agent is also responsible for making all plans including the date and time for the freight pick up and delivery.

Also, the freight agent’s responsibilities include handling all custom documents, licenses and all other required paperwork. Even more, the freight agent must track the progress of the shipment and give you updates accordingly.

This agent is responsible for collecting payment as soon as the shipment has been delivered.

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