Things You Need to Do on Moving Day

Things You Need to Do on Moving Day

Moving from one place to another involves a lot of work. After all, you would need to wrap up your life as represented by innumerable small and large possessions and get ready for the long haul. You can reduce the workload as well as the stress of moving to a great extent by opting for the services of a full service moving company.

A professional moving carrier can take care of every aspect of the moving process. They will pack all your belongings, load them onto trucks, unload them at your new property, and unpack the goods. However, just because a professional moving carrier is there to help, you should not start to take things easy and sit around doing nothing. There are certain other responsibilities that you need to take on, even when the movers are at work.

Stay close without coming in the way

Stay close enough to the movers without getting in their way to answer any queries or doubts they might have during packing or loading your belongings.

Keep pets occupied

If you have pets, it would be your responsibility to keep them occupied and ensure they do not disturb the men at work or make too much noise. You can keep your pets in an empty room that has already been packed. If there is a dearth of an empty room, you can consider asking your neighbor to keep a watch over your pet for the day. Or, you can keep your dog in the backyard or your cat in its carrier, till the time everything has been packed and loaded.

Keep children busy

The day of the move will see many people coming in and out of your home, packing and carrying heavy furniture and appliances. Make sure that your children are safe and comfortable in all the commotion.

You can create a safe room where they can play and hire a baby sitter to keep them company. If the weather is warm and pleasant, you can send your little ones to the backyard to play.

Serve refreshment to the movers

You can serve cool beverages and sandwiches to the workers or may be even order a pizza or some burgers. This is a nice gesture and would definitely motivate the team to perform their job with due diligence.

Label the boxes you want to carry with you

Make sure that the movers are aware about the boxes or possessions that you plan on carrying yourself. You might want to carry valuable jewelry, medical records, passports, and other important documents so that they do not get misplaced during the move.

Make sure the mover has your right address

Before proceeding to the new property, check with the mover to make sure they have the right address. Provide the moving company with your phone number so that they can contact you in case of any exigencies during the transit.