The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Sides of Moving

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Sides of Moving

So many things happen during a move – interestingly, some of such things are good, others could be bad, while some can best be described as ugly.

You probably have that one friend that moved to a new city and seems to be living happily ever after. Or the one that moved and things turned out bad. 

Chances are, you’ve got several good reasons to move to a new city or neighborhood. But just before you pick up your phone to call a moving company, take some few minutes to see the good, the bad and the ugly sides of moving.

And sincerely, I don’t mean to scare you!

The Good

New business opportunities

Moving to a new neighborhood or city can open doors of new opportunities for your business. Should you own a startup or an SME, you can break through in a new city or new neighborhood with new customers and prospects.

Also, you can easily identify a niche in a new neighborhood and set up a business to match the needs of that niche.

New friendships and relationships

Relocating to a new city or neighborhood gives you the opportunity of meeting new people.

You can start new friendships, new relationships, meet and connect with new business partners, or even fall in love and get married if you’re searching for your soul mate.

Moving create opportunities to start a new friendship or love.
You can find your soul mate by moving to a new city or neighborhood.

Once you’re in a new city or neighborhood, you can visit theaters, parks, sport centers and recreation centers. These are some of the common places where you can meet people easily.

New job opportunities

Who doesn’t love a new job with better opportunities?

You can move from an area with high unemployment rate to a new city or neighborhood with a lower unemployment rate. Or you can move to a new city where your skills and experience are mostly required or better appreciated.

Reduce the stress of commuting to work

Do you spend most of the hours of the day commuting to and from work? Perhaps it is time to move closer to your place of work.

Moving can end all the stress of traveling several hours on the road. You can have more hours to yourself and friends and spend some nights out having dinner with your family.

Opportunity for a fresh start

If you have been living in the same neighborhood for many years you may lose the motivation to try new things that can add value to your life.

Moving to a new city, exploring new environments, and meeting new people can inspire you to do new things that will move your life and career to a new impressive level.

Nothing happens until you move!

Moving creates the perfect opportunity for a fresh start!
Moving can give you the perfect opportunity for a fresh start!

The bad

You’re probably wondering what could be bad about relocating to a new town or city.

Here they are

Relocating is Stressful

Moving is considered the third most stressful event in life after divorce and the death of a loved one. Let’s face it, moving is complicated. You have to start by finding the right neighborhood, picking a house, hiring a moving company or a truck, packing, loading, making the trip, unloading, unpacking, settling into a new home and a new environment. It’s a complicated process.

Psychological Disruption for Children

Children often find it difficult to cope with moving. When they move to a new city or neighborhood, they leave behind their friends, schools, teachers, peer groups and some of the activities they enjoy.

Make your moving more fun by involving your kids.
Children often find it difficult to cope with moving stress.

Some children are often nervous about going to a new school in a new environment.

They feel lonely and unsecured and they have to cope with the pressure of trying to make new friends and good grades.

If they are rejected by their peers for any reason, they may feel dejected and it wouldn’t take long before it affects their grades negatively.

Your valuable items might be Damaged

Moving is not a 100% safe process. Some of your household items could be damaged when you’re moving. If you don’t have the right moving insurance for them you may never be able to replace some of such items. Valuables such as jewelries, antiques, artworks, piano etc. can damage or get lost at any point during the move.

Relocating is expensive

Moving is expensive, professional movers are not cheap! Even if you hire a truck and moved your household items all by yourself, it is still expensive. You’ll spend some money traveling to the new neighborhood or town to assess how things are happening.

Also, if you have a house to sell before relocating, you’d probably live in a hotel until you find the right buyer. Sometimes, you may have to store some of your items in a self-storage unit until you’re ready to move to your new home.

Adapting to a new environment could be difficult

Settling into a new environment often take some time. Whenever you move, you have to find new experts such as plumbers, doctors, veterinarian etc., and you may need to hire one or two before you find one you can easily work with.

Moving to a new neighborhood can make you a complete stranger.
New environment, new challenges. How fast can you adapt?

Also, learning to find your way around a new town can take some time and if you have a new job you’ll have to cope with working with new people.

The ugly

When moving gets ugly, it really goes ugly.

Here are the ugly sides of moving:

Hiring Rogue Movers

One of the worst things that can happen while you’re moving is hiring a moving company that will run off with your entire household items. Such movers often entice people by agreeing to move their belongings at a very low cost.

Also, some movers can hold your items to a ransom demanding for extra charges before unloading the items.

Don't make the mistake of hiring rogue movers, use
Moving exposes you to the risk of hiring rogue movers.


If you’re moving inter-state, you may have to travel long distance at night exposing you to the possibility of being robbed. You may be robbed of your art works, car, antiques, jewelries and any other valuable items.


Some road accidents can cause the damage of an entire household items – and sometimes death. A loaded moving truck is exposed to many hazards while in transit. Poor truck maintenance, a sleeping driver, the failure of one or more mechanical parts of the truck, poor driving techniques and failure to adhere to road signs can cause accidents.

Bad Weather

A rainfall can slow down your move and a tornado can stop your entire move. Snow can slow you down as the ground gets slippery especially when you’re loading or unloading the moving truck.

While the moving truck is in transit, bad weather can cause an accident or compel the truck driver to take the truck off the road.

Things can get worse after a move

Some of the common reasons why people move are to find new and better opportunities to improve their lives.

But sometimes after moving, things just turn out worse for some people. Moving can cause unemployment, loneliness, depression, end of a relationship, divorce, end of friendship, business winding up, and debt.

Before you make up your mind to move, weigh your options carefully.

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