How To Welcome Your New Neighbors On Thanksgiving

How To Welcome Your New Neighbors On Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving coming up, I’m sure everyone is getting in the Holiday spirit as the holiday season is here!!! It’s a time to be thankful for everything we have and spend time with friends and family.

Sounds exciting!!!

But while you might be close to your family and friends, there are some people who’ve moved recently into a new neighborhood and even miles away from their loved ones. Whatever the reason for their move, its especially hard moving around the holidays and being away from everyone.While your new neighbor may hardly know anyone around the neighborhood, Thanksgiving may be the perfect opportunity to meet them. You can be the reason why the entire family is happy this Thanksgiving.

If you’re wondering how to welcome your new neighbors this Thanksgiving Day, I’ll show you exactly what you can do to make them feel loved and welcome.

How To Make Your New Neighbors Feel Welcome This Thanksgiving

#1. Help Them Set up Their Home For The Thanksgiving Holiday

One of the best things you can do for any neighbor who recently moved into your neighborhood is to help them set up their home. Moving is stressful, unloading household items from a moving truck and unpacking them is never an easy task.

Everyone wants their house clean and completely setup for the holidays so they can enjoy the time with their loved ones in comfort. So why not lend a helping hand to that new neighbor on this Thanksgiving Day and offer to them help them out with setting up their home, they’ll be more than glad to accept your kind gesture. If they’re wondering how to set up their new home, you can help them out with these home decor tips.

#2. Bake A Pie and Drop It Over

While your new neighbors are probably working hard to set up their new home to make it comfy and livable, they may hardly have the time to bake or cook anything this Thanksgiving. But you can show how hospitable you are by baking a pie or two and dropping it over at their new home.

Thanksgiving Pie
You can surprise your new neighbors with a delicious pie this Thanksgiving.

Just imagine the broad smile that will appear on their kids faces for having an unexpected home-baked pie on Thanksgiving Day. Chances are, they’ll abandon their work for a while and savor the delicious taste of your pie with the right drinks. I guess there’s no better way to say welcome to a new neighbor on Thanksgiving.

#3. Invite Them To Your Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving feasts are best enjoyed when shared with loved ones, friends, colleagues or neighbors. While you’re busy preparing your turkey, apple pie and other delicious dishes, your new neighbor might not have the time to do all that during the chaos of moving. If you see any such family that’s just moved into your neighborhood, try and extend an invitation for them to join your thanksgiving dinner. They’ll love it.

If you’re still wondering how to make your Thanksgiving feast a memorable one, check out this 13 great Thanksgiving meals. Don’t forget to let everyone at the dinner table raise their glasses to make a toast, especially your new neighbor.

#4. Invite Their Kids Over For A Play Date

Kids are often lonely when their family move to a new neighborhood, especially when they are yet to resume in a new school. So one of the best things you can do for your new neighbors this Thanksgiving is to invite their kids over for a play date.

Kids on Thanksgiving
Kids have the hardest time moving around the holidays.


Unlike some adults, kids make friends easily and they enjoy playing with other kids. Inviting your new neighbors kids over for a play date is one easy way for your kids to meet new kids and start a new friendship. Sometimes, kids get to know each other first and become friends before their parents get to know each other and become friends too!  This is also an opportunity to teach your kids to be sociable and hospitable.

#5. Give Them A Turkey Basket Of Gifts

Who wouldn’t love an unexpected gift on Thanksgiving? You can get a turkey basket and fill it with a variety of fruits. Apples taste really delicious at this time of the year. So make sure you have lots of apples in the turkey basket.

But apples shouldn’t be the only thing inside the basket. Other goodies such as  candy, basked foods, canned foods, bread and any other item you can think of should end up in your turkey basket. You can drop the basket at the front door of your new neighbor or you can walk in to say hello while handing them the basket.

“Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them, is the true measure of our thanksgiving.”  ― W.T. Purkiser

Thanksgiving Dinner
Thanksgiving dinner is the best when enjoyed with friends and family.


#6. Give Them Cards Or Notes

People who recently moved to a new neighborhood may be skeptical about who to trust. But you can show them some love to boost their confidence this Thanksgiving by sending them handwritten gift cards or notes.

Send them welcome notes or cards about how delighted you are to have them in your neighborhood this Thanksgiving. Some families never get gift cards or notes during Thanksgiving. You never know how happy they’ll be to know someone is thinking about them, even in a new neighborhood.

These are just some ways to make a new friend and neighbor feel loved and welcome during the upcoming holiday season. Holidays are time to give back and be kind to others. Go out of your way to make someone feel good and happy and have a very Happy Thanksgiving with your family and loved ones. And if you think of more ways that we’ve missed, feel free to leave them in the comments below.