Selling A Home With Pets Without Annoying Buyers

Selling A Home With Pets Without Annoying Buyers

Home buyers lookout for several different things during house hunting. In fact, some things you thought are irrelevant could be the key things some home buyers consider before making up their minds. So you’ll have to get it right when preparing your home for sale.

You may love dogs, cats, or any other pet and own one or two. But some of the buyers looking to buy your house could be allergic to your pets. Or your pet could be a distraction during the showing.  So what exactly should you do when you intend to sell a home with pets without turning off buyers?

Selling A Home With Pets, How To Get It Right

Clean Your Yard

Home hunters will definitely walk around your yard. The last thing they’ll expect is to step on your cat’s or dog’s poop or turn an ankle where your pet likes to dig. So before you start showing potential buyers your yard, do a poop patrol and clean up your yard.

Selling a home with pets
Clean up your yard and fill up holes dug by your pets.

Make sure you double-bag your pet’s waste before disposing to stop your garbage bag from smelling when buyers walk in. Don’t leave all the holes your pet dug open. Fill them up and sprinkle grass seeds on top.

Before listing your home on the market, make sure your landscape is covered with green grasses and plants. Nobody likes a yard covered with brown-and-yellow dustbowl created when pets pee on grass. You can aerate and seed bare spots. If that’s not good enough, try to replace ugly patches with new sod. Sometimes cleaning up your yard can make all the difference in selling a home with pets.

Remove Pet Odors

Selling a home with pets
Wipe out all traces of your pet’s urine and odors.

Pets and odors, its hard to separate one from the other. Removing pet’s odors from almost any home is never an easy challenge. While its easy to clean and tuck away puppies litter box, but its never easy to wipe out years of piddle from rugs and hardwood.

You can try a bacteria-eating pet odor remover. But if it doesn’t wipe out all the traces of your cat’s or dog’s urine, consider hiring a professional cleaning service to clean your rugs or carpets. However, as time goes on, the odor gradually returns ( as long as you still have the pets around), you may consider replacing the rugs or carpets before home hunters start knocking your door.

If you own a pet that is housed in a cage, make sure that cage is cleaned regularly to prevent odors. If you own a fish, make sure its tank is sparkling clean, a daily swipe with an eraser sponge can do the trick. Check out these 10 non-toxic cleaning supplies for clean healthy homes.

Check Your Insurance

Some pets are territorial – they like protecting their territories. While your dog may never bite anyone, but when potential buyers began checking out your home every now and then, your dog may feel its territory is under threat and attack the strangers. If this happens, you could be held responsible for any harm your beloved pet causes. So do your best to ensure that your homeowner insurance covers you for unexpected incidence like this.

But you should be aware that some insurers will not cover anyone who own pets or breeds they consider vicious or aggressive breeds like pit bulls. However, if they agree to provide coverage, it could be expensive.

If you own an aggressive pet, regardless of the breed, keep it out of the house whenever potential buyers are around. Nobody wants to be bitten or scratched by a pet during house hunting.

Clean Up The Hair

Some people are allergic to some pet hairs. You wouldn’t be happy if potential buyers start sneezing and wheezing as they walk through your home.  A layer of pet’s hair on sofas and floor can make your home look messy.

Selling a home with pets
Vacuum and dust your home to remove pet’s hair.

So before home hunters arrive your home, vacuum and dust to remove any dander or settled hair. Another cool option is to buy a vacuuming robot that you can schedule to clean up hair several times in a day.

If you have a pet that sheds, consider brushing the animal always outside to prevent the hair from flying around the house. Consider bathing the pet too, it can minimize shedding.

Store Your Pet’s Paraphernalia

As a pet owner, odds are you’ll accumulate several items for your pet including water bowls, cute sweaters, leashes, toys, collar and costumes for holidays like Halloween, Christmas etc. While you may think all your pets stuffs adorable, potential buyers may see them as nothing but clutters.

Selling a home with pets
Remove any pet item, including pet’s bed that could seem like a clutter to potential buyers.

The way out? Stow your pet’s paraphernalia in a closet or cupboard. You should put dry food bins in a mud room or laundry. you should was your pet’s bed too to remove dirt and odor. If your pet’s bed is attractive, you can display them. But if they look old and rugged, keep them away from the eyes of potential buyers.

Keep Your Pets Out Of The Way (If possible)

Don’t let your pet distract potential buyers during a showing. If you intend to leave your pet at home, consider crating or confining them to a special area of the house. Don’t forget to show your real estate agent exactly where the pets are. You can keep the pets busy with toys or treats.

Selling a home with pets
Don’t let your pets distract buyers, take them out of the way if possible.

Even more, you can take your pet out on a long walk, or a play date. Or you can send the pet to a pet-friendly neighbor, friend or family member.

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