10 Mistakes To Avoid When Moving With Kids

10 Mistakes To Avoid When Moving With Kids

Some kids get very excited when they realize they’re moving to a new home in another city or town. But in many cases, kids are often disappointed to know they’re leaving their friends, neighbor, schools, neighborhood and the house they’ve always known as their home.

So once you’ve made up your mind to move, you’ll have to tell your kids at some point. Depending on how you handle the situation, you can have an absolutely wonderful move as long as you don’t make too many mistakes.

In this article, I’ll show you 10 of the common mistakes many people make when moving with kids and how to avoid them. Hopefully, you wouldn’t repeat any of these mistakes mentioned here.

Mistakes To Avoid When Moving With Kids

So what are the mistakes anyone can make when moving with kids? Find out, so you can have a great move with your kids without any whining.

#1. Refusing to tell your kids why you’re moving

Its easy to assume that your kids are too young to understand why you’re moving. So you may decide not to tell them why you all are moving to a new home. This is one of the reasons why many kids find it very hard to settle into a new neighborhood.

They can’t figure out why they left the previous neighborhood and why they should love and accept the new one all of a sudden.

One of the easiest ways to help your kids cope with the relocation is to tell them exactly why you’re moving. Don’t keep them waiting or guessing. Kids are quick to ask honest questions. So once you tell them why you’re moving, odds are they’ll ask you all sorts of questions.

This is your chance to honestly explain all they need to know and convince them to see all the great and wonderful things that comes with the relocation.

#2. Waiting until the final minute before telling your kids

Don’t shock your kids with an unexpected news about the move. Kids need time to process the situation – don’t assume they are too your to think and don’t treat them like robots.

When you tell your kids about the move in advance, you can show them pictures of the new city or town, likely schools they’ll attend, tourist attractions, street views via the internet, playgrounds etc. Things and places that will make them look forward to moving to a new home.

But breaking the news in the last minute will cause anxiety and that’s one good reason for your kid to hate the entire move. So when you’re moving with kids, don’t make it a secret, tell them and tell them early.

#3. Doing it all by yourself Like Superman

Having a DIY move is a great idea. But when you have lots of heavy items to move or many household goods, consider hiring moving labor helpers or a moving company. You may assume that moving it all by yourself will make your kids see you as a hero.

But just before you start packing, consider how many valuables you may damage and the possibility of exposing yourself to injuries. Play smart and play safe. You can hire a moving company to help you get the job done. Whether you’re moving with kids or not, you can plan your moving with us, its 100% free. Request for free moving quotes to get started.

#4. Assuming the kids can help pack everything

Its great fun to have your kids around when you’re moving. But don’t make the mistake of turning them into temporary moving labor helpers. Your kids are not professional movers, don’t expect them to learn the act just because you’re moving.

If you allow your kids to pack everything, you’ll end up with bunch of broken valuables, antiques, and wrongly packed items that could damage while in transit. The worst of all? your kid could fracture a bone or two. That’s the last thing you’d expect while relocating.

#5. Excluding your kids completely from the move

While its a great idea not to assume that your kids can help you pack up your entire household items for a move, do not exclude them completely from the move. Kids are always curious to know what items they can take to the new home and what would be left behind or thrown away.

So when you’re moving with kids, keep them occupied by asking them to pack their own toys in a box or two. If they can help with packing other small items like their favorite coffee cups, shoes, books etc. When you arrive your new home, let them pick the spot to keep their toys and shoes in their room.

#6. Making an unprepared trip

A road trip is never a short trip for a kid, not even a short distance move. So when you’re moving with kids, make sure you’re prepared. Have a bag of kid goodies, pack some snacks, if you’re having a long distance move, pack many snacks. Make sure your kids have their favorite toys for the ride. If your kids have a pet, don’t keep the pet away.

#7. Not giving your kids the chance to say goodbye to friends and neighbors

Childhood memories are some of the best memories anyone can have. So, when you’re moving with kids, one of the best things you can do for them is the chance to say goodbye to their friends in school, and within the neighborhood. It could be the best thing your kids will remember about the move and it could really get them excited about the relocation.

#8. Not allowing your kids to travel in the same vehicle with you

If you hire a moving company, don’t let your kids travel on the same truck with the movers. Odds are the movers are total strangers to you and your kids. Allowing your kids to travel with strangers is not a good idea and your kids may not enjoy the trip. Rather, when you’re moving with kids, let them travel with you in the same vehicle and make the move a memorable trip.

#9. Throwing away your kids’ favorite toys

When you’re moving with kids, one of the favorite things they’ll love to have is their old toys. Your kids’ old toys can remind them of so many happy moments. Having a familiar toy in a new home can ease their tension and make them feel more relaxed.

#10.  Moving with kids without letting them know how your new home looks like

One of the easiest ways to let your kids overcome the tension of moving to a new home is to take them along during house hunting. But if you cant do that, you can take pictures of  your new home and the kid’s room. Take pictures of the kitchen, dining, yard, doors and windows and show them to your kids. This will give them an idea of what to expect as they prepare for the move.