Moving with Kids? Help Them Cope Better

Moving with Kids? Help Them Cope Better

Regardless of age and gender, your kid is sure to feel sad about relocating, especially if a lot of memories are attached with the old house. It is hard to leave best friends, favorite places and familiar surroundings behind. If your child is upset because of the move, you can minimize the impact by keeping below mentioned tips in mind. Moving is difficult for all family members, even if you are shifting to a bigger house and better area. If the move is a result of familial misfortune, loss of parent, or decline in standard of living, the difficulty level may increase.

No matter what the reason of your move is, it is important to make your kids feel comfortable and excited about it. Fortunately, there are steps you may follow to make the move easier for your kids. Try some of these tried-and-true methods, created keeping different age groups in mind.

Follow Routine

For all children, but especially primary school kids, it is advisable to follow old routine religiously for a first few months after you move. This means going for a walk at the same time, and having lunch, dinner and breakfast on time. Serve familiar food, let the kids watch their favorite TV shows etc. You should also celebrate special occasions such as birthdays and holidays every year.

Home Décor

Talk to  your child about the décor of their new room. Let them pick the theme, color, curtain designs and fabric, bedspread and even posters for the wall. Younger children do not admire change of any kind. If this is the case with your child, it is advisable to replicate the décor of your old home.

Keep in Touch

For teenagers and school-age children, it becomes important to have friends. Help your child keep-up with old friends and encourage them to write e-mails, letters and exchange photos. You may also arrange phone calls, visits and sleepovers on a regular basis. If your kid(s) are struggling to make new friends, they may find talking to old friends very comforting. You may also encourage your child to invite new acquaintances.


Reinforce your kid’s confidence by enabling them to participate in extra-curricular activities. Regardless of whether its soccer, music or dance lessons, painting classes or continuing their favorite activity, indulging in extra-curricular activities will improve confidence because it does not depend on how well they are fitting into their new school.

Hope the above-mentioned tips can help your kids cope with the process of relocation.