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Moving Van Rental Tips to Make Your Relocation Easier


Sometimes, moving van renntal is the most convenient option for relocation, especially when you are moving within a short distance. If you’re planning to opt for a moving truck rental for your next move, here are top 30 truck rental tips to make your moving easier.

                            Top 30 Moving Van Rental Tips

  1. If you intend to drive the moving van you’ve rented, sit in the driver’s seat to make sure you’re comfortable with the size of the van.
  2. A smaller moving van size with a cargo area that’s only 12 feet long is probably best for smaller apartments or one to two rooms of furniture.
  3. Moving van rental during the week is always cheaper than on the weekend when so many people are having a DIY move.
  4. Check all necessary mechanical parts of the moving van before signing to a moving van rental agreement.
  5. Before dropping off the moving van, ensure you’ve adequately cleaned or swept out the cargo hold and cab interior.
    Moving truck rental tips

    Moving van rental during the week is always cheaper than on the weekend when DIY moving is in full swing.

  6. Most truck rentals will help you determine the size you need based on items you’re moving or the number of rooms your household belongings fit into.
  7. Pictures and mirrors can break all too easily in the back of a moving van, so protect them by sliding them in between mattresses.
  8. It’s often safer to rent a bigger moving van size than you need instead of making several trips that could cost more.
  9. If you’re moving one to two rooms’ worth of belongings, you’ll need a 10-foot moving van.
  10. If you’re moving 3 to 4 rooms’ worth of belongings you’ll need 16-foot truck.
  11. People are more likely to move during summer than other seasons, moving vans may be more difficult to book between Memorial Day and Labor Day.
    Moving van rental is one of the cheapest moving option.

    Do not make sudden stops or abrupt lane changes. Be mindful of vehicles coming behind.

  12. To be on the safe side, reserve your moving van at least a couple of weeks in advance and if possible avoid end of the month moving schedule.
  13. Before you rent a moving truck consider these: the size you’ll require, the distance you’ll be travelling and the dates you’ll be moving.
  14. Moving van rental companies typically charge a daily rate, along with a certain amount per mile. Find out the precise amount before signing a deal.
  15. Before taking off on a rented moving van, check the van to ensure you’re not blamed & charged for damages that already existed.
  16. Bumping along a highway is bad news for belongings if you don’t load them correctly. Use rope & straps to tie down items as you load and pack.
  17. Size 10’ Truck are the smallest moving van size suitable for people moving from a small one-bedroom apartment or studio apartment.
  18. Size 14’ Truck can take household items of a small one-bedroom apartment or a larger two-bedroom apartment with a relatively larger appliances and bigger load of boxes.
  19. Size 17’ Truck can accommodate household items of two to three-bedroom apartment or houses.
  20. Size 24’ Truck can take large appliances and large pieces of furniture and household items of three to four-bedroom apartments.
  21. Size 26’ Truck is the largest size of moving van and can take household items, appliances, and pieces of furniture of homes with four or more bedrooms apartments.
  22. Distribute the weight of your items evenly on the van to keep it balance and easier to control on the road.
    Moving van rental companies provide different sizes of vans.

    It’s often safer to rent a bigger truck size than you need instead of making several trips that could cost more.

  23. Load your heaviest items against the walls of the truck to keep the middle of the floor open for other items.
  24. Request for a binding quote from the moving van rental company to avoid unnecessary extra charges.
  25. Make sure you check out the directions of where you are headed and the weather before you set out on the moving van.
  26. Pay attention to all traffic lights and signs and use your turn signals at all times.
  27. Always use the truck mirrors. Maneuvering a truck often require more turning area and more room for lane changes.
  28. Do not make sudden stops or abrupt lane changes. Be mindful of vehicles coming behind.
  29. Make sure you keep more than one car length between the truck and the vehicle in front of you. Trucks often require more time and space to stop.
  30. Always wear your seat belt. If you are traveling across state lines, stop every 2 to 3 hours to prevent fatigue.

You can check rates and availability of rental trucks in your area and get free moving van rental quotes on Mover Junction.


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