Long Term Or Short Term Storage Unit – What Should You Pick?

Long Term Or Short Term Storage Unit – What Should You Pick?

Many self storage units often offer the option of storing items for a short term period or for a long term period. So, the storage option you pick for your items can determine how often you’ll have access to such items and the storage cost.

But how to choose the right option for your items may seem tricky, especially if you’re using a self storage unit for the first time.

How to Pick the right self storage unit

Before storing any of your items in any self storage unit, here is a simple rule you should consider: Don’t store your items in a short term storage if you won’t need them over a long period. Also, if you only need your items to be stored for a short period, you shouldn’t settle for a long term storage option.

Photo by Mike Mozart @ Flickr / CC BY
You can have easy access to items stored in a short term storage Photo by Mike Mozart @ Flickr / CC BY

But there is more to self storage options than this simple rule. There are key questions you can ask before picking any self storage unit so your items wouldn’t end up in a wrong one.

Also, you can consider the features of the two storage options before making up your mind. Here is how you can weigh your options carefully:

 Using a short-term storage

If you need a self storage unit where you can have access to your stored items easily, you should consider the short-term storage option.

Also, some short term storage operates a 24hr service. Some of such units will hand you spare keys to your units and you can have access to your stored items as you wish. You’ll also get the chance to see several different sizes of units. Many short term storage units also offers a per month payment option giving you the rare opportunity to downgrade or upgrade your insurance plan as you wish.

Even more, you’ll be able to downgrade or upgrade the size of the unit you initially opted for. You’ll have the freedom of taking some items out and replacing them with other items. With the flexibility of a short term storage option, you can use the unit like a personal property.

Using a long-term storage   

storage unit
Long term storage unit guarantees adequate security for stored items.

If you’ll be away for a long period for any reason, or you want to store items that you wouldn’t need any time soon, odds are you’ll need a long-term storage unit.

Perhaps you’ve acquired some items that won’t fit into your current house but may be useful in the future. Whatever the case may be, if you want to store items that wouldn’t require your attention anytime soon, your best bet is a long term storage option.

Some of the services you’ll have to pay for in a long-term storage unit include expert packing services to ensure your items are properly stacked. Your payment also covers adequate security to ensure all your items are absolutely safe.

But with a long-term storage unit you may not have the chance of having access to your stored items as you wish. However, whatever is not allowed in accessibility is made up for in monitoring, protection, and round the clock security.

More so, charges for long term storage are often based on a lease, which saves you from making monthly payment as in the case of short-term storage units. Before you pick any storage unit, make sure you do some research about the company and its services. Go online, search for reviews and check their FAQs section.

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