Important Do’s and Dont’s for the Day of the Move

Important Do’s and Dont’s for the Day of the Move

If executed without professional help, moving can indeed be a hectic experience. However, even if you hire professional movers, you still need to remember and take care of various important things. For instance, you would need to make sure that all utilities have been cut off in your old home and none of the doors or windows have been accidentally left open. You would have to leave behind all keys including that of the mailbox and garage for future owners. You would also need to go through all the storage spaces and closets of your old home and make sure you are not leaving anything behind.

Keeping a track of all these disparate things can be overwhelming. So, to make sure that you do not forget anything and derail your entire operation by one simple error, follow the checklist mentioned below.

Prepare a moving inventory list beforehand and double check the same on the day of the move. Be absolutely sure that nothing is missing from the list or from the shipment. This is necessary to ensure that all of your valuables are moved to your new address safely. At the end of the day, you do not want to be left searching for missing items.

Keep kids and pets out of the way to ensure that they stay safe on the day of the move, when quite a lot is going on in your home. This is essential if you do not want them to get injured, which has a reasonable possibility with the movers trying to get their job done.

You can hire a babysitter for the day and keep a room especially for your kids and pets, where they can spend the day playing with toys or watching movies. Alternatively, you can send them over to a friend’s place for the day, where they can follow their daily routines and not be troubled in any way.

Furthermore, it is advisable to move expensive and fragile valuables by yourself. This way, you can minimize the chances of your jewelry, laptop, and other prized possessions getting lost or damaged in transit. Keep the clothes, toiletries, and cell phone chargers that you would need immediately upon arriving at the new location with you in a separate bag or box.

Treat your movers with respect and kindness to make sure that they do the same with your belongings. You can consider offering them snacks and drinks to motivate them to do the best job they can. It might be a small gesture, but it is enough to show that you appreciate the job that they are doing.

Make sure you are not over exerting yourself. Keep in mind that you have hired experienced and professional movers to take care of the difficult parts of the move. You need to depend on the experts to do their best. Do not interfere with the work; you might think of it as helping out but in reality it just might be coming in the way.

Before you sign the bill, do a complete walk through of your entire house after the completion of the move to make sure that all of your possessions are moved to the new property. That is because holding the movers responsible for any loss or damage after you have signed the bill of lading will not be of any help.