How To Prepare For a Local Move?

How To Prepare For a Local Move?

If you are moving to a new location and the distance to be traveled is less than 100 miles, it is considered a local move. However, different moving companies may have different criteria. The qualifying distance however usually varies between 50 miles to 100 miles.

The local moves in a particular state are handled by local moving companies with valid state licenses that give them the authority to operate. They charge their clients based on the number of service personnel required to do the job and the number of hours to be invested.

So, how do you start preparing for a local move?

Prepare a list of tasks

Start by creating a list of tasks you would need to get completed as you change your address from one neighborhood to another. Keep this list at hand so that you are able to cross off items that have been taken care of and add items that come to your mind. Typically, the list would include the following things:

–Select a moving company

–Change your address in legal documents

–Find medical services in the new neighborhood

–Terminate utility services in your old home

–Procure utility services in your new home

–Clearing outstanding bills and receivables

Plan in advance

If you have decided to pack your belongings yourself, you can start procuring the moving supplies and boxes you would need for the task at hand. You can also use the months and weeks before the actual move to pack your clothes, books, and other things that you would not be using until after you have settled down in your new home.

If you are able to move to your new home before moving out of the old one, you can transfer some of your possessions in advance and take part of the pressure off on the actual day of the move.

How to choose a local mover?

Work with an online provider of instant moving estimates

The easiest way to find a professional local mover is visiting any reliable website offering free and fast moving quotes. The best sites in this domain have pre-selected professional movers in every state and city in the US, and thus, can be of great help in connecting you with a competent moving company.

All you need to do is visit the website of a reliable service provider and fill in the size, date, and “to” and “from’ zip codes pertaining to your move.

After you have filled in the relevant details, you can wait for professional and licensed local movers to contact you directly with their moving cost estimates. You can compare these quotes and select a local carrier that best suits your requirements and budget.

Ask relevant questions

Feel free to ask questions about charges for extra services, such as hauling heavy furniture up and down stairs or disconnecting certain appliances. Talk to the moving carrier about the insurance policy it adheres to and the type of insurance options that would be available to you.