How to Plan a Stress-Free Move with Kids

How to Plan a Stress-Free Move with Kids

Moving from one place to another is depressing. It isn’t easy to pack and leave everything you are familiar with, and try to fit into a new environment. It is ever harder to get settled in a new place, leaving your friends behind, familiar places and your good old comfort zone. When you move to a new place, you need to find new grocery stores, new doctors, and new school, reorganize your daily routine, and reestablish the order of your life right from the scratch.

Moving is hard on everyone, especially children. To make them feel comfortable, just let them know in advance that everyone is moving, so they get ample time to absorb the news. During the stressful time of planning, organizing and packing for a move, many a times, parents don’t even realize how the change will affect their kids. So, be open with your kids about the move and try to find out how it is affecting them. If possible, visit the new house a few times, so that your kids get familiar with the surroundings.

In addition, it is important for the family with a child who has special needs, to plan out everything before the move. This is important considering the kid’s special needs of education and/or treatment.

A move can leave some people upset, and there could be enormous reasons for moving, such as:

• Parents may be obligated to take a job in another town or country.

• Sometimes death or divorce in a family can lead to a move

• Sometimes you make a move to look after your grandparents.

Ways to Get Kids Excited for the Move

Below are some lists to get kids excited for the move:

• Take children along when you go out to see perspective houses.

• House with a bigger backyard, basement playroom will definitely will excite your little ones.

• Let your kids pack their own belongings, which they can decorate with markers and stickers.

• Make a memory book filled with photos of your kids, family and friends.

• Throw a goodbye party to all their friends and loved ones.

Moving often requires an extensive amount of time and money and brings along the risk of breaking expensive, fragile items. Therefore, it is really important to hire professional movers to eliminate the risk of any damage occurring to your prized possessions while loading or unpacking. Hiring professional movers isn’t always cheap, do appropriate research to find one that fit in to your requirement and budget. On the other hand, you can opt for self- service wherein you need to pack all your belongings on your own and movers will take care of the loading and shipping to a new location.

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