How to Pack Jewelry (Properly) For Moving

How to Pack Jewelry (Properly) For Moving

Do you have a favorite pair of earrings? Do you have any pieces of jewelry that have been passed down to you for generations? Wouldn’t it be sad if you lost of damaged these pieces during your move?

We all have jewelry pieces and heirlooms that we cherish and are really irreplaceable. Today I’ll give you some tips on how to keep them safe during your move.

How To Pack Jewelry With The Right Materials

Some materials for packing jewelries make it safer and easier to move them. These are some of such materials:

#1. Jewelry Box

Jewelry box is not only designed to house jewelries, they are made to protect jewelries. You can find a jewelry box for almost any jewelry you have including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and any other one you may have.

How to pack jewelry
Jewelry boxes are safe option for packing several different jewelries.

Some jewelry boxes are designed with different compartments specially made to house several different jewelries. If you own this type of jewelry box, you should consider packing all your jewelries in them and wrapping it with a bubble wrap or packing paper. Tape the box and keep it in your car so you can transport it to your new home by yourself.

#2. Egg Cartons

If you own lots of earrings and rings that are of various shapes and sizes, an egg carton could be the best container for packing them appropriately.

How to pack jewelry.
Egg cartons can house jewelry safely.

Start by wrap each ring separately with a packing paper and place each piece in a random cup. Once you’re done filling as many cups as you need, wrap the cup with a thin layer of plastic wrap to hold all the jewelry together.

#3. Jewelry Bags

One of the key challenges in packing jewelry is how to make sure the different pieces don’t get tangled together or broken. Some fabric jewelry bags have a drawstring tie and these bags are safe for housing jewelry during a move.

You can wrap each of your jewelry piece in a wrapping paper or bubble wrap and place them inside a smaller pouch before placing them inside a jewelry bag.

#4. Toilet Paper Rolls

Some jewelry chains get tangled and break all too easily. You can use clean and empty toilet paper rolls to wrap your jewelry chains individually to prevent them from tangling or breaking.

How to pack jewelry.
Toilet paper rolls are simple options for packing jewelry.

This is one very easy option you can use to keep your jewelries safe while moving.

#5. Plastic Drinking Straws

If you own long jewelry chains that get tangled easily and you don’t feel comfortable with wrapping them in toilet paper rolls, another option you can use is drinking straws. Slip your jewelry chain through a drinking straw and then clasp the two end together.

How to pack jewelry.
You should use plastic straw to prevent your chains from tangling.

The straws you have may be longer than the length of your jewelry chains. Cut the straws to fit the length of the chains. After slipping your chains through the straws, clasp them together and wrap with packing paper.

#6. Ziploc Bags/Pill Organizers

Since earrings are designed in several different sizes, you’ll have to consider the size of your earrings before deciding the best packing methods for them. Earrings that are smaller are often more difficult to find when they go missing.

You should wrap each piece of your smaller earrings in a wrapping paper that is soft and clear. You can place the earrings in Ziploc bags  or pill organizers. Any of these two containers can house smaller earrings safely.

#7. Buttons

Paired earrings are easy to misplace. But you can hold the pair together by using buttons. Travel Fashion Girl suggests that you insert the pair into a button to prevent losing them. This is one easy option anyone can use.

How To Pack Jewelry
Image credit: Travel Fashion Girl

#8. Business Cards

Some earrings are longer than others, while some are paired. If you own longer earrings or paired ones, you can use a business card to hold them together safely during a move. If you have couple of irrelevant or outdated business cards, you can poke some holes in each of them, and carefully attach the hooks of your paired earrings.

How to pack jewelry
Poke holes in outdated business cards and use it to hold paired earrings.

But if you don’t have any of such cards, you can cut out some parts of your cardboard boxes and poke holes in them. You should tape the earrings’ hooks at the other side of the card to protect it from fallen off while in transit.

#9. Hard Sunglasses Case

Hard sunglasses case is a perfect container for packing jewelries such as rings. All you have to do is wrap each of the rings in clean toilet papers and place them inside the hard sunglasses case.

How to pack jewelry
Hard sunglasses cases are good containers for packing rings.

Once closed, the case will be a safe place for the rings. You wouldn’t have to bother about their surface getting scratched or damaged in any way. You can place the hard sunglasses case in your car and move it to your new home all by yourself.

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