How To Handle Your Delicate Items During Your Move

How To Handle Your Delicate Items During Your Move

Relocation is an activity that involves shifting numerous commodities such as, apparel, furniture, kitchen ware, cosmetics & toiletries, and various other items.

You may also have an ample of delicate articles, such as expensive jewelries, glassware, and other tantalizing décor to be moved with other stuff. Moving fragile items can be a difficult task to accomplish as there is a great chance of damage in such items.

The best thing to do is to take preventive measures in order to avoid any mishap. After all, “prevention IS better than cure”!

How to Handle Fragile Objects?

Packing fragile items needs special attention as there is always an element of risk when packing or unpacking such commodities. It is however, also true that packing delicate items require an extra dose of effort, time, and sometimes, special packing material such as bubble wraps.

Some simple packing tips to protect your expensive valuables:

– Make proper moving preparations for the tantalizing goods well in advance.

– Have the right tools to ensure right kind of packing.

– Provide proper cushioning to the most popular fragile items such as, plates, glasses, lamps, pictures/frames, and other oddly-shaped large specialty items.

– Availability of extra packing material such as, bubble wrap, strong plastic bins, packing peanuts, newspaper, butter paper, soft clothes, etc.

– Robust plastic boxes should be preferred over cardboard boxes to avoid damage risk.

– Get insurance and take photos.

– Clean carefully before moving.

– Ensure that the packers/movers are properly moving and storing the delicate items.

– Check the truck and re-check the placement of all fragile items.

– Choose the proper strategy of packing for different fragile objects.

Packing Strategy for Subtle Belongings

Every object is different from the other in terms of its shape, texture, degree of fragility, etc. This means you need to opt specific packing strategies that map with the structure of particular item.

– Screen the items that are more fragile such as, china ware, stemware, glasses, collectible figurines etc.

– Collect or buy packing supplies that are helpful in proper packing of delicate items.

– Buy specialized moving boxes which are specifically made for packing delicate items which would have special indications in the form of text like “handle with care” and “this side up”.

– It would be easier and safe to use a storage box having handles to make it easier to carry.

– While packing glasses, stemware, valuable mugs etc. stuff paper or cloth and then wrap them with bubble wrap or newspaper.

– Make sure not to place smaller saucers on top of larger plates for avoiding damage.

– Place some shredded paper or heap up paper stripes at the bottom of the box or rather level them before placing delicate items into the boxes. This would make a cushion against any bumps.

– It is important to fill the gap between fragile items into the box so that they do not hit each other and break in the process. You can use packing peanuts to fill the gaps.

– Make sure to label packed boxes containing delicate fragile items properly.

Moving with your delicate stuff is now easy and less traumatic if you follow these petty tips!