How to Find the Best Cleaners Before and After Your Move?

How to Find the Best Cleaners Before and After Your Move?

Cleaning is an essential part of your entire move, and just like all other aspects it must be properly planned. Before you move into your new home, or move out of your old home, you may consider hiring expert cleaners to help you do the cleaning.

The following tips will help you find the right cleaning service to help you with all aspects of cleaning your home appropriately:

Ask For Recommendations and Do Some Research 

You can start your search for expert cleaners by asking people you know for recommendations. You can also go online and search for cleaning services around the area. When you find a service that fits what you want, read reviews about the company. Find out how long the cleaners have been in business and see references too.

Ask If the Cleaners Screen the People They Hire     

It’s important to find out from the cleaners how they conduct their hiring process. Ask if they conduct background checks before they hire. If you intend to entrust your home to anyone for cleaning, ensure they’re worth it. Don’t take chances; ask for verification of background checks if possible.

Ask For Certificate of Liability Insurance

A copy of the cleaning service insurance policy is quite different from their certificate of liability insurance.  You can get the certificate of liability insurance directly from the cleaning service insurance company. When you get the certificate from their insurance firm it guarantees their policy is in force and has not been terminated since the last renewal.

The certificate of liability insurance protects you from any unforeseen concerns, and guarantees that if any damage occurs during the cleaning, you’ll be covered. Also, it covers the cleaning crew themselves, if anyone of them sustained injury while working at your home. Without this coverage, it could turn out to be a huge liability for you if anyone of them is injured in your home.

Ask About the Cleaning Products the Cleaners Use

Some cleaning products may have negative effects on some surfaces or facilities in your home. Ask if the cleaner’s products will not affect surfaces such as stone surfaces, induction cook tops, or wood flooring because they all require special cleaning products. During inspection before the cleaning, ask the cleaners if they observe any other item or surface that may require special cleaning.

Ask For a Cleaning Checklist

The cleaning checklist will provide details of what the cleaners will clean in each area of your home. After the cleaning is done, use the checklist for inspection. Check all areas indicated in the checklist and ensure they are properly cleaned. Call the cleaners attention to any area you’re not satisfied with.

Ask about the Cleaner’s Payment Policy

Find out how the cleaning service charge by asking if they charge by the day or by the hour. Ask about what is included in their regular cleaning, and what is offered as extras. Ask if any item attracts extra charges. Also, ask if the cleaners provide all the cleaning materials and request for a written estimate.

Find Out if the Company Has a Guarantee Policy

For hiring expert cleaning service, you deserve quality service for your money. Ask the cleaners about their guarantee policy. If the cleaners fail to live up to your expectations or as indicated in the cleaning checklist, don’t hesitate to let them know.

Other Useful Tips  

Keep your pets out of the way while the cleaners go about their job. Your pet can easily get in the way of the cleaners and interrupt their job. Also, you wouldn’t want your pet to go anywhere near the cleaning products some of which may be harmful to pets.

Before the cleaners arrive, make up your mind if you’ll be home with the cleaners as they clean. If you’re not comfortable with leaving your home to strangers, you should consider being around while the cleaning is on. Also, you may entrust someone to be in your home while the cleaning is on.

If you hire a superb cleaning service, write a review online, spread the word. Tell your family, friends and colleagues about the cleaners. However, if you hire an unprofessional cleaning service parading themselves as experts, don’t hesitate to tell the entire world.

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